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One day...
Sonic was taking a walk, then suddenly he saw Shadow.
Sonic:Hiya, Shadow. (Smiles)
(Silver arrives)
Silver: O.O Sonic your stepping on a...
Shadow:(Whispers at Silver) Shut it!
Silver:Uh nothing (Smiles)
Sonic:Uh ok...i'll be going to Chris's house...
Shadow: Hmmph
(Sonic Arrives at Chris's House)
Chris: Eew! What is that smell?!
Sonic: I don't know...
(Knuckles saw something brownish under Sonic's Shoes)
Knuckles: Sonic...You stepped on something...
(Sonic looks under his shoes)
Sonic: Aaaah!!!!
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Kinomi is the daughter of sonic and shadow yes I no both are males but they are ukes so they can have bebés kinomi is white she looks like sonic mom queen aleena kinomi qill are like sonic but she as qill on her for head eyes rosado, rosa red white chest pelaje, piel from shadow sonic chest and tummy marks on her arms and legs from shadow fast like sonic powerful like shadow esp powers. Ageless/immortality from shadow can fly por using her powers. Twin brother silver shadow give broth to 6 so did sonic so they have 12 shadow give sonic some of is blood so he cud be agelee/immortality like him sonic was happy...
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