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posted by LukkyRosa
Lukky, She was kind,smart,energetic and mature for her age.
"The key isn't working to my apartment..." She dicho softly. She went downstairs to get the key checked out. They dicho "It's covered in Rain, You'll have to copy another key" Lukky went outside to go to a Key Copy Machine. She put it in. "I do not see why it's not working..." Then suddenly, Someone got her from behind. She started crying. She didn't know what she did wrong.
"WHAT,WHAT HAVE A DONE TO DESERVE THIS! Then she escaped. She didn't know what happened. She didn't loose anything. She ran away. She didn't know where she was o were she went.She began to walk, Therefore cry at the same time. Rain began to fall. "Fuck, I have to get inicial ASAP."
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posted by dexisawesome
Videnez was born on June 15, 1999. His parents were Lord Forester and Lady Berhillen. Growing up in a family of great wealth was too much for Videnez, having always been the most adventurous and the family rebel. As soon as he turned 18, he went to Bot camp. There he meet others of many different types of people, but he was the most respected of them all. A perfect shot, he excelled in his training at the camp. There he gained many friends in the ghetto type, for he completely rejected having been born in a rich family. His perfection in the sniping area proved to be a good thing, for he was...
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posted by Evolia-Wulf
 Making sure to practice is also key to making your earned customer's happy.
Making sure to practice is also key to making your earned customer's happy.
“Okay, so recently I’ve been getting both online and offline feedback from artists all around. Their problem is that they aren’t getting enough art requests and that they may end up quitting the artistic abilities earned through years of practice.
“So I’m here to shed a bit of experience and, o course, seasoned consejos to those ‘Starving Artists’. Don’t worry in the least; it’s a simple procedure, but also one that requires a bit of patience. And of course, it needs your most alert attention if you’re stuck in the bum business.
“There are three important business tools-...
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