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posted by LukkyRosa
Lukky, She was kind,smart,energetic and mature for her age.
"The key isn't working to my apartment..." She dicho softly. She went downstairs to get the key checked out. They dicho "It's covered in Rain, You'll have to copy another key" Lukky went outside to go to a Key Copy Machine. She put it in. "I do not see why it's not working..." Then suddenly, Someone got her from behind. She started crying. She didn't know what she did wrong.
"WHAT,WHAT HAVE A DONE TO DESERVE THIS! Then she escaped. She didn't know what happened. She didn't loose anything. She ran away. She didn't know where she was o were she went.She began to walk, Therefore cry at the same time. Rain began to fall. "Fuck, I have to get inicial ASAP."
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...Have tu ever felt are being watched?Ⓧ

One day,a hero who is named MTL journeyed through the woods...In buscar of the remaining fragments of his past...however,He was not aware of the legend of the woods...and it's terrible dark evil that resides within...MTL traveled deep into the woods,passing many rocks,trees,shrubs,and owlsⓍ.MTL started to approach a bazaar area putting off a magnetic field which disrupted his nanite code and he had to revert to watch form in order to continue traversing...

MTL came upon a large three,'s roots where the size of houses and it literally...
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posted by ILoveSonic21
It's is 7:00am on a Thursday

Norma:*yawns* wow I had a good nights sleep!

Norma gets up and walks over to the dining room and sees mercer

Norma:good morning mercer

Mercer:good morning Princess Norma

Norma:wow I'm not used to being a princess but I can't believe I'm a princess

Mercer: tu will get used to it princess

Norma: ok well should I cook some breakfast?

Mercer: no its okay I ca-*hears smashing and crashes*

Mercer:what is going on!?!?

Mercer and Norma look down from the balcony and they see jagger and he is trying to penetrate the force field


Mercer:he's trying to break the force field...
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posted by LukeElite
Was originally one of the black arms he is an adopted son for doom him self after his scientist after shadow beat him tried to re-create the ultimate life form but with the black alien DNA. Well he done it Nova was a price was going to take over the trono but didn't because he throat all this destruction was to much and fled never to return to doom.

After about 200 years hiding alone in a forest he found some sweet lobo called Evolia now his story begins.

He is just looking for some friends and trying to make the world a batter place.
posted by Evolia-Wulf
 What Penku looks like....
What Penku looks like....
Oasis- CH1 Part 2/5
“Speraitin’ kids from deir guardians…dat’s somethin’ ya don’t mention ta me!”

((The siguiente Chapter 1 piece to Oasis. For a anterior update follow the link below.))

Flesh parted under the keen blade gliding with rápido, swift steadiness across an alarming red wound. A hiss rattled from the chest inches from her hand. The clink of a metal scalpel tapping a wooden bowl mixed in din of soft voices touching cool halls.
“Hrrgg…” The voice rose from its hiss, a growl now, choked with pain, “Vaccine…that…that hurts…!”
Soft rosado, rosa eyes fell over the agonized...
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Following the trend of escritura those 'WHO KNOWS THE FUCK THEY'RE DOING?!" stories.

Tee hee.
Stupid brother. His face is a'bein' on mah punching bag.  The cebra hopping around my garaje like a gay little bastard just continued to do so. It licked my mangosta bike. Gaywad. 
 There was a knock at dah door. My brother peeked his head in. MephilesTheDark tackled him and beat the living shit out of him. She received a cookie.... And she swallowed it in one bite.
 Afterwards, in repeatedly jumped on Raymond's head, crushing it in about 3 seconds...
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My name is Aries, the Purple hedgehog. I'm Sonic The Hedgehog's Daughter. My dad and mom are trapped in another world. They have been for years now.
I am just an average girl. I look like my mom, Amy Rose, but have most my dad's personality. Thats what my Uncle Tails says. I live with him. He tells me all about my parents. He is also like, the smartest guy in the world!
He told me that when i was little, like baby little, o 1 o something, my dad used to carry me on his back and take me on adventures with him and runs. I can't remember, I was so young.
So far, my uncle built a dimension transporter....
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posted by NickleBackFan
Murderer woke up at the crack of dawn. He jumped down from tree, tring not to step on Carter nor Kat. He pulled out his cuchillo and walked into the forest and collected soem comida for the afternoon meal. He came back late and his two combations were still asleep. "Well they sure like their sleep." He joked to himself while giving a short, homurless laugh. Then he herad voices in the distance. One sounded like a girl the other was a little boy. He turned at the sound of the little boy's voice thinking it sounded familar. Then it hit him. "Zac..." He dicho softly. He ran over and shook awake Carter...
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