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posted by TakTheFox
So everyone knows (or nearly everyone) that I despise anything that happens to do with Unmarried sex, but even with that I can understand why people enjoy it and do it (though I still am against it.). But then there’s the Unneeded kind. In my opinion, ALL sex (un-married) is unneeded, but this has to do with a specific type that I’ve noticed around the club.

I’ll explain though an example.
Girl walks into store.
*A wild pervert has appeared*
*Pervert uses grope*
tu see where I’m going with this?

There are complete roleplays dedicated to perverts doing perverted things (SO MANY GROPES! DAH!). When there’s a flirt o someone who’s just really “How tu doin?” o even going “Hey girl, tu hot!” it’s not that bad. Characters like Asher (owned por RawrMonster) I actually like. He’s a fun character, but when a roleplay is all about Girl Meets Bo-GROPE, it just REALLY crosses the line.

A lot of these roleplays even involve rape… RAPE! WHAT IS GOING THROUGH YOUR MINDS!? Groping is bad enough, but RAPE!?

I think the most disturbing thing though is that most of the people that make roleplays where the guy is a perv and/or rapes the girl… ARE GIRLS. LADIES! WHY?! Are tu wanting a companion? Are tu wanting something to masturbate to? Is it because of homosexuality of some sort? I’m sorry if that offends any females here but WHY WOULD tu MAKE SOMETHING TO mostrar YOUR GENDER GETTING VIOLATED?!

If this were a book, o something that built up from the girl being raped o something, for character development, I’d understand that, but even there it’s not a fun though.

Now to those who actually LET the person rape your character, guess what, THEY’RE RAPING YOUR CHARACTER! If your character is weaker o something, then okay yeah I get that they can’t fight back, but anyone and everyone should know that when a character starts to squeeze you’re allowed to go “Hey! Don’t do that!”

If anyone actually wants to defend these types of roleplays then don’t even bother to comment. ANY sex online should be private IF at all, but having gropes and rapes is not right and should not be allowed.

And why is this so bad? Well aside from the reasons I’ve already given, THIS STUFF IS IN PUBLIC! I think I’ve dicho this before in a anterior rant, people, can, see, these, things. What if your parents come up and wonder what you’re doing? What if your boyfriend o girlfriend, o little brother o sister walk up while you’re in the bathroom and read it?

In conclusion, keep your roleplays clean, but más importantly DON’T over-sexify it. If tu like to make rape rp’s, o grope rp’s, then I get it, you’re a disgusting pervert, good to know, but keep that away from everyone else.
So I wanted to know which of my fan-fics people want to read the most. I have quite a few, and they seem to be going way over the parte superior, arriba in numbers, so I wanted to narrow it down to things that people will actually read.

Of the fan-fics I will HAVE to keep escritura I have
~Lizzy Eventide: The Fourth Phantis
~Mobians Elite: The Conflicts Arcane
~Mobius Academy (once people finally start doing it more)

The other choices are…
~Geon: Kinetic Titan
~For My County: The Talia Reephs Files
~Rynk story (Mini-series about Rynk’s past)
~Offspring (Mini-series about Rynk’s parents)

I have other non-sonic-based...
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posted by alphahetalia
Rules of engagement

1.    Engage. Participate. Be fully present. No auto-pilot.
2.    Meetings and multiple appointments are a fact of work-life; the least we can do is be on time so they can start on time and our peers are not kept waiting.
3.    Respect the attention of your peers. Come prepared means come prepared.
4.    Always have a pen and paper for note-taking. First, tu respect others who are giving tu information por acknowledging it, and secondly you’re expected to capture it, and follow-up; forgetting...
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posted by Evolia-Wulf
The Opinion of Yuri and Yaoi

Countless times I’ve been confronted about this hideous subject. And no, I’m not talking of Yuri and Yaoi, much like the topic suggests. It’s más the fact I’m being exposed as a two faced. And this gay coupling has much to do with it.

“For the most part, I DO NOT APPROVE OF YURI AND yaoi ((Hold on minute, Yuri-Yaoi fans, just a moment.)) For the soul fact PEOPLE COUPLE THE WRONG MATCHES. In many anime and cartoon devices, the characters are portrayed por the fan base as multiple items between one another. This is, let’s face it, unstoppable. We’re always...
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 Character Chart-- Acid
Character's full name: Yxari (Ee-zar-ee) Sadaris
Reason o meaning of name: None
Character's nickname: Acid
Reason for nickname: she is an Acid Monster
Birth date: 1st November.
Gender: Female
Theme: Headstrong-- TRAPT

Physical appearance
Age: 19
How old does he/she appear: 12
Weight: 25 lbs.
Height: 2"7
Body build: Quite skinny to a point where it's sickening. Her ribs even poke out when she takes off her hoodie.
Shape of face: n/a.
Eye colour: Glowing green-yellow, color of toxic waste.
Glasses o contacts: Tinted sunglasses to hide her eyes.
Skin tone: Quite pale, since she hadn't...
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posted by ShockTheDog
(Shock and his dad, Shane have been fighting a LOT lately and here is his blog about it)

Hello, Fanpop....

I'm SOO mad right now! My stupid dad is being uh...I'm not the cussing type so, he's being a JERK. That tyrant doesn't give a CRAP about me. He's been trying to control me and my chocolate milk. In fact, when I went hyper once....he tried to lock me in my room. He SAYS he loves me but I don't buy it. He tricked me into giving up my chocolate leche por SCARING the crap outta me. We even went to a therapist and we're STILL fighting. He even had the nerve to tell me he didn't amor me when I'm hyper--THAT really hurt. I swear if he orders me around like a slave ONE más time I'll....IDK but I'm just really mad now. *sighs* OK I'm good now bye!
Quesiton ONE!!!!!!!
Hello, what is your name?

Tak:... Tak. o do tu want the longer version...?
Mist: I'm going to try to ignore the strange voice that came from either my head o the air...
Tear:...who dicho that?
Luner: Luner... wait... WHERE ARE YOU!?!?
Trix: Why do tu want to know?
Starcher: Starcher Nova. What's yours?
Dark: *Walks away*
Virus: *answers through creepy poem*

Would tu like a cookie?

Tak: Uh... no
Midnight: SURE! *eats cookie quickly*
Mist: where has it been?
Tear:... no
Luner: Uh... sure. *pretends to eat cookie...
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posted by blazeandarose
Listen everyone, This is an OPINION based articulo of how i feel of the following & why drawing is better. tu don't have to agree with me, but this is exactly what i think is wrong, and what i think is right.

Using Bases
Your taking the lineart of someone's character, o official character.
they use the same base for their other millions of characters
what if they use a base & it looks like a recolor?

this is what i suggest.
Do NOT use bases that are traced from screencaps o other art from the official sonic art, because traced bases ARE recolors.
if tu absolutly want to use a base, then...
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Alright, this is just a gift to four people I like on fanpop. But I'm not telling who they are. tu gotta geuss. LET DA GAMES BEGIN!

1. tu were the first person who supported me on fanpop. We wee good friends, and your character was in a lot of my stories. Unfortunately, tu left fanpop. MAH FIRST FRIEND. I hope tu come back. *Starts singing* BABEH, COME BACK!!

2. tu were also one of the first people to support Invader ZIM the Hedgehog. However, i learned más about your characters and found that your characters might just be a little bit too overpowered sometimes. Eventually I got over that...
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posted by sorandom15
ok ignore the spelling kk

1 at first i thought tu where picking on me for my spelling cuse i know im not great at it DX but u made me something and i thought that was relly nice and i figured out tu where trying to help me and we rped it was crazy fun lol X3

2 ok i gotta abmit that at first i was careful and we rped and that was sooo fun and than i got to know tu and someday i hope we can meet in person
and than u become 1 of my bestfriends on here :3

3 ok first i thought tu where relly wired but then we rped and i had fun u have helped me out and i have helped tu out with plenty of your shadow...
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Don't rant, troll, bitch, o moan because I did one too. XD

1.) At first, tu were mean to me. Then I read something of yours, tu read something of mine, and we kinda got along. We respected each other... And tu probably forgot that already. XD Now I see tu are an epic win.

2.) You. Holy shit. You. tu is EPIC. Your art is beautiful, yet complicated. Your literature is quite adorable and nose-bleed worthy. tu are a very sweet person, and I hope we can talk más in the future. 

3.) tu used to have a Mary-Sue as your fancharacter... Well, tu still do, but I don't care. I amor our countless...
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OK here we go:

1: tu were the first person to mention the "Gary-Stu" thing to me. I admit it IS pretty dang annoying, but who cares? It's just the way u think. U and are I started out fine, then we fought like Shock and Malice--like enemies. I never hated u at all, I just didn't like u when we fought. But thank GOD that's over. I'm glad we've gotten to know each other over the past month. And....u are fun to rp with and talk to. Yor art is EPIC as heck, and I hope u keep at it. I amor yor characters but I have ONE fav (not gonna say who). Yes we do have different vistas and all that, but so...
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{warning it get really boring and stupid around here most persons stop lectura at chapter 6}

i awoke in a pitch black room. the walls and floor of the room seemed to made of clouds. dark stormy looking clouds "so u have awakened Princess Wednesday Jaxee Shocker III the Hedgehog" dicho a voice from the far end of the room. the mysterious person knew my name my FULL name! then the mysterious person emerged from the darkness. it was a cloaked figure with yellow eyes that u could see from under the capa and i could tell it was a female. "i am the fate of...
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{read it already? well read it again and amor it forever like some old disney movie}

when we got to the garoa mountain and got too where the shooting estrella landed, there was just an unconsous cat there. misery, hyper and curious as usual, went up and touched the girl. "OW WAT THE HELL" misery screamed. she had burnt her hand some how and then it started to rain. tuesday, confused, dicho "wat the hell just a girl? u mean that this girl was the estrella that fell from the sky? arc r u sure this is where the estrella landed?"
arc replied "tues have i ever been...
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posted by PhoenixRoyale
Note; Do not bash me for the things I say o like. It is annoying, and it gets on my nerves that people make fun of tu for what tu like, o flame tu for hating something.
Hello! :D Most of tu know me, but for those who don't, my name is PhoenixRoyale. This articulo was made so tu can learn all about me. ^^ So, let's get started~

What is your name?
Not saying it, but if tu want, tu can call me Phoenix, o Feeny! :D Just like Maya called Phoenix in the Phoenix Wright trilogy. >:3

How old are you?
Eleven. :P

YOU'RE 11?!?!!!1
It's not that surprising. X3

What are your talents?
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posted by daian-raid
yo, everyone ,… I,ve got many "why"s to ask
- why dreams are just a legend for a cinema hero to act?, why it's just a far away thing that we live and feel it can't be reached? Why life goes one way for most of people? Why ur only matter in life is to find a job and ur life stops there? Why don't u try to reach ur dream? Is that the real meaning of our lives? What's the difference between u and the person ur fan of? Aren't u both people? Wasn't he like u when he was little?

Yo ,wake up, the only thing I'm seeing here is dead people , everyone is living alone, one of my biggest dreams is find...
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posted by ripperoo1
This is pretty much what happens in the house of Team Invasion.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Gir: Why do these people live off shiny circles?
Zim: I think tu mean rings. Tak: I thought they were called "coins". Zim: I think that you're thinking of another video game world in a very fictional universe. Gir: Oh, tu mean Super Mario Bros.?. Tak: I think I know some tricks to that game. Like in World 1-2 there is a- Zim: Yes, a place that warps tu to as far as World 4-1. Gir: And um... Maybe the place in World 4-2 that warps tu to as far as World 8-1. Tak: I knew that. I...
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posted by ripperoo1
I noticed alot of people are getting really annoyed with the "What would tu do if..." questions. I have something to say... I STARTED THEM! Shame on me:( Okay, so here's how it happened. First I saw the three o four "What would tu do if...." preguntas about Shock the Dog. I decided to make one. (What would tu do if tu saw Zim on the calle coughing up blood with tire marks on him?). Then I made another one. Then everyone else started making them! So, apoligiez to all of you, especially Meph, (She seems most bothered) and also especially ShadowFan (You could say I copied his ideas.) So, feel free to go off on me in the coments. SAWRY!
shock and i were in an action tv mostrar and we both had to go to new york to make the movie but we both had to go in seprate planes but shock put a fake on his plane and he ran away to go to my plane but it was to late por the time he got there so he had to go all the way from L.A to New york.So he had help from Amy perlata(shadow's sister)to travel all that way on the road.It was 13 days and no sign of shock but they got a replacement but it was not the same.The replacement did a terrible thing and flooded the whole studio!I got stuck on a apoyo and nobody came back to save me!thats when shock got my hand and saved me.I was unconcious when he found me but then i came back.I was so happy to see my bff again and then we both told each other"I thought i lost you."and we gave each other a hug.THE END :)its kind of like bolt:)
 the story was inspired por bolt :)
the story was inspired by bolt :)
posted by thetacoman
Soda, tu scare me.
But in a good way!
There's something about you... like it's all just flowing from your core.
You're one of the ONLY people who is on consistently enough to talk to us 93 AAAND tu put up with our endless stream of spam.
I do feel like I know you, somehow.
I mean, it's like you're right here! Like I can, IDK, see the colour of your personality (is that aura?). 'Tis green. Can't place the exact shade, but it's green with something underneath.
Anyway, aside from my wierd rants about aura, you're an excellent example of tolerence.
You're an example that Christians and Atheists don't...
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"I never wanted this,any of it,I was told that my parents would come back after I served Dahlaz,but....I was wrong,I myself,was betrayed,thrown aside like common trash. But that,is over,Dahlaz is dead,and I have to make my own path,I hope that everyone is okay back at home...."

Haze was a crippled hedgehog,visor cracked,swords broken,clothes (Mostly the capa on him) Destroyed. He,was wandering down a path,a stone path to be exact,he was weak,he was injured.

He needed help.

Hopelfully he'll find some soon enough,but he was getting tired of walking for two days,and drank out of a lake,Haze fell...
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