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posted by TakTheFox
So everyone knows (or nearly everyone) that I despise anything that happens to do with Unmarried sex, but even with that I can understand why people enjoy it and do it (though I still am against it.). But then there’s the Unneeded kind. In my opinion, ALL sex (un-married) is unneeded, but this has to do with a specific type that I’ve noticed around the club.

I’ll explain though an example.
Girl walks into store.
*A wild pervert has appeared*
*Pervert uses grope*
tu see where I’m going with this?

There are complete roleplays dedicated to perverts doing perverted things (SO MANY GROPES! DAH!). When there’s a flirt o someone who’s just really “How tu doin?” o even going “Hey girl, tu hot!” it’s not that bad. Characters like Asher (owned por RawrMonster) I actually like. He’s a fun character, but when a roleplay is all about Girl Meets Bo-GROPE, it just REALLY crosses the line.

A lot of these roleplays even involve rape… RAPE! WHAT IS GOING THROUGH YOUR MINDS!? Groping is bad enough, but RAPE!?

I think the most disturbing thing though is that most of the people that make roleplays where the guy is a perv and/or rapes the girl… ARE GIRLS. LADIES! WHY?! Are tu wanting a companion? Are tu wanting something to masturbate to? Is it because of homosexuality of some sort? I’m sorry if that offends any females here but WHY WOULD tu MAKE SOMETHING TO mostrar YOUR GENDER GETTING VIOLATED?!

If this were a book, o something that built up from the girl being raped o something, for character development, I’d understand that, but even there it’s not a fun though.

Now to those who actually LET the person rape your character, guess what, THEY’RE RAPING YOUR CHARACTER! If your character is weaker o something, then okay yeah I get that they can’t fight back, but anyone and everyone should know that when a character starts to squeeze you’re allowed to go “Hey! Don’t do that!”

If anyone actually wants to defend these types of roleplays then don’t even bother to comment. ANY sex online should be private IF at all, but having gropes and rapes is not right and should not be allowed.

And why is this so bad? Well aside from the reasons I’ve already given, THIS STUFF IS IN PUBLIC! I think I’ve dicho this before in a anterior rant, people, can, see, these, things. What if your parents come up and wonder what you’re doing? What if your boyfriend o girlfriend, o little brother o sister walk up while you’re in the bathroom and read it?

In conclusion, keep your roleplays clean, but más importantly DON’T over-sexify it. If tu like to make rape rp’s, o grope rp’s, then I get it, you’re a disgusting pervert, good to know, but keep that away from everyone else.
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