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posted by silverstream101
 Ember 5 years old (By Evolia_Wulf)
Ember 5 years old (By Evolia_Wulf)
ok....b nice cuz i havnt done an artical in awhile and it might seem like im RPing....welll i hope u like it ^_^ im going 2 b doing a 1st person perspective and the main character is of course Ember....ok ill start when shes like....5

I wake up 2 the sound of knocking on her door. "5 más minutes!"

Blaze replies, "come on Ember u know we have a parade 2 go 2!"

"ugh...." i groan but i still get out of cama and i look at my clock muttering 2 myself, "who wakes up at 6 in the morning 4 a parade...." I mutter 2 myself the entire time im getting ready.
*at the parade*

Blaze ribs me, "can u atleast PRETEND ur having a good time..."

"no..." my chin is resting in my hand and as i look out on the crowd.

Blaze sighs in defeat and continues 2 wave.
*after the parade and they r back at the castle*

"that was soooo boring..." i tell Blaze as we r walking 2 our rooms*

"oh come on Ember it wasnt so bad..."

i give her a "ur kidding right?" look.

"......ok it was boring but u R a princess as well...our people need 2 think u care...

"i DO care...i just wasnt 2 b más like the guards...the can fight and train and NOT WARE DRESSES while we r stuck doing all the boring stuff..."

Blaze sighs, "i dont like it either...u know that...but i deal with it"

"....." i sigh.

"look Ember....i know this isnt the most fun but think about it! we start guardian training 2morrow!"

i immediantly perk up. "really?!"

Blaze smiles, "yup! so now is it so bad?"

"nope! why didnt u say so! "

Blaze laughs and the both walk in2 their rooms 4 the night.

*1st día of Guardian Training*

I wake up early 4 once jumping out of cama and get ready. When im done i knock on Blazes door. "Hurry up Blaze!"

Blaze opens her door looking like she just woke up, "Ember? Training doesnt start 4 another 2 hrs...."

"So?! we can get an early start!"

"Fine......" she closes her door.

I lean against the side and i wait 4 her. "...................." i soon start 2 get impatient, "ill wait 4 u outside!"

Blazes replied, "ok!"

I run outside 2 wait. Later when Blaze FINALLY shows up.

"What took u so long!?"

"its only been 10 minutes..."

"10 minutos 2 long!"

Blaze sighs, "i have never seen u so excited...."

i reply innocently, "and thats a bad thing?"

Blaze rolls her eyes playfully, "whatever Ember....lets get going"

"YAY!" i take off running.

Blaze calls after her, "OTHER WAY!"

"I KNEW THAT!" i turn and go the right way.

Blaze just rolls her eyes and follows más slowly.

I dont stop until i reach the place and i look around in awe. "Oh cool...."

Blaze finally catches up and also looks around, "this looks like it might b fun!"

"I know! do u know whos going 2 b training us?"

"no idea"

"i c u 2 like 2 come early. Thats good," a black cat walks out of the bushes.

"who r u? r tutor?" i ask.

"i name is Coal," respuestas the cat.

"can we start then!!?" i ask enthustiasticly.

Coal smiles, "right away"

Ember and Blaze jump up and down in excitment.
*Ember age 6*

I think 2 myself while im laying in bed, this is so boring...i dont want 2 ware dresses and b all girly...i want 2 live like any1 else....that settles running away in the morning. i close my eyes and soon fall asleep.

I wake up b4 the sun rises and i start packing a few things. Just some clothes that r NOT dresses and some money....i grab some comida as well b4 jumping out of the window. I fall 4 stories but land lightly on my feet. another perfect landing. Smiling slightly 2 my self i run threw the woods full speed which is about 100mph. i need 2 work on my speed....
and thats it 4 now...ill work on the siguiente major part in her life l8r....and siguiente time? it wont b like a it SHOULD b shorter
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I amor this song , it just goes so well with Sandybelle's emotion , all Angered and then she becomes soft and embarrassed .
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posted by Molly6
Song Was Peacefully At Her House When She dicho "Mom, I'm Going Shopping!" But She Never Knew, Mefhiles Was There (This Was Before They Were A Couple) She Stood There Wandering What He Was Doing. "Hello?" dicho Song "I Was Aspecting tu Sooner..." dicho Mefhiles With That Scary Voice Of His "Who Are You? Are tu Lost? Do tu Have A Girl Friend?" No Anser... Its As If Mefhiles Was Sad, Lonley, Heartbroken... Song Left Without A Clue, She Went To Tesco's. It Was Closed. She Still Went In, The Doors Were Open. She Went Inside, Not Knowing What Was Round The Corner. "Hello?" She Whispered, No Anser......
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How to make a accurate fan character

Introduction:Hello,congratulations,you want to enter the world of sonic fan characters,GOOD SHOW!!!Now I know what your thinking,there is a bunghole of other fan character guide lines generated por other fans.but I refer to this one as the most updated version.(as of 7/4/12)

Now tu want to generate a equal fan character,equal as in power-wise(If he/she/it has powers).If tu make it to powerful without weaknesses and make it the "Oh,I'm so powerful,fear mah almighty immortality" character,then its considered a "Gary-stu" and tu DON'T...
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