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>//: ☆ ALCHEMIST HIGH ☆ :\\<

tu wake up in a nursery, and tu have a strong headache and your trying to remember what happened. Then tu walk outside and tu appear to be in a high school. Then , someone walk up to you. And tu seem to remember them.

??? : Hey. What happened to you? tu just started to use your powers in the middle of class!

tu : Powers?

??? : yea..

tu : Kanami?

Kanami : yes?

( well tu can have any power tu would like! And enjoy! ☆)

--so, does our characters know this girl personally?
Fidus-Achates posted hace más de un año
chynathebat759 posted hace más de un año
Are our characters supposed to know this character personally o can our characters not know her? It's just that normally when I roleplay o use my characters I don't have them automatically know someone that they've never met before.
mephiles97 posted hace más de un año
 chynathebat759 posted hace más de un año
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