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 Sonic sexy female whitch base
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Source: Me >:U =3=
it took me a hr 2 do this Fwucking base =3= (ONLY 4 MY friends )(U WANNA USE IT ASK FIRST >:U n registrarse me club as well CB )
female sonic character
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This sonic bases foto might contain de haya, madera de haya, haya, roble vivo, live oak, arbol de almendras, and almendro.

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Source: to the base maker
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Source: me
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Source: Drawn: Me~ Character Slick(shadowxcreamftw)
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Source: me
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Source: me
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Source: shadowluvgirl
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Source: SoniGirl of Chickensmoothie, credit to whomever made this base, and me.
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Source: Me for art, The base to whoever made it, I can't find the name >.>
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Source: Emo-bunny & Striped_strawberry
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Source: me
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Source: me and DaisyFlower46 for base
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Source: Owner of base
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Source: magnet bases and sega
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Source: some1 made the base,-I drew
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Source: Blossom111 for the Base. Matilda is (c) of Minor Sun.