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Sonamy for life!
posted by love5
Sonic kept on running from Amy she had been chasing him for hours and she still has been able to keep up with him

"Shit Amy just give it up"
Sonic thought still running soon he came to a cliff he stopped and looked back seeing Amy come really close he sweatdropped and When he sighed he felt Amy grab on to him and hug him panting and almost making Sonic and her fall off

"But Sonikku we finally have our own moment together"

As soon as Sonic and Amy knew they were falling down the cliff Sonic and Amy screamed Soon Amy grabbed Sonic's hand and before they could touch...
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posted by sonicfanAG
Sonic was in the park with his dog Muttski,When a mysterious little boy ran to him.
Little boy:Daddy!
Little boy:Daddy, I lost you, daddy.
Sonic:You must be mistaken little boy,because I'm not your daddy.
*Little boy takes guante off*
Little boy:Look!I have the same birthmark as tu have.
*Sonic takes off glove*
Sonic:What the......?
Little boy:See?!
*Sonic gasps*
Amy:Hi Sonic.
*little boy hugs Amy*
Little boy:Mommy!
Sonic:HUH!?IT CAN'T BE?!
Amy:Yes,Sonic meet your son Dash.
*Sonic starts to cry and hugs Dash*
Sonic:Where have tu been all my life?!
Amy:He's not the only one.
Amy:Sonic Jr.,Rosy,Susan,Speedy,Moonlight,come out here!
*6 little kids come out from Amy's car*
*Sonic starts to twitch*
Sonic:Your kidding right?
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posted by Lonegirl1990
Do tu even Care?

Hi there, my name's Amelia Rose the Hedgehog, but my friends call me Amy Rose. I'm here to say that I'm also having a very depressing time right now because once again my love, my hero and my idol; Sonic the Hedgehog…Every día since my blue hero saved me from Metal Sonic and Eggman. I was near Little Planet where my tarot cards dicho that I would meet my true amor there at Never Lake, I was only 8 years old the time and I was very eager to see if my tarot cards were right. I remember it like it was only yesterday…

I was at the lake looking at Little Planet chained to the...
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posted by Sonicfreak181
Sonic and Amy got married earlier and they had 2 kids, the boys name was Turbo. he was naranja with blue eyes( because sonic and sally did it) And the girls name was midnight and she was purple with green eyes and her hair was long with 3 bans at the front like amy.

One día Amy came inicial from shcool and sonic was sprawled out on the sofá and amy got hungry an hora later so she went to get some Oreos and then she started yelling at sonic about the chili dog shaped cookie jar and sonic got angry easily and sonic shoved amy on the ground, grabbed a cuchillo and................................
posted by Goombagirl26694
“Sonic…I-I amor you. Please, just please, don’t leave me!” I was looking at a bloody Sonic behind a transparent glass wall. It was sad to look at him, and pain kept coming to my heart. “A-Amy, I’ll be okay. I’m seguro here, with you. Just don’t wor-” he didn’t even get to say the rest. Gun shots sounded, I closed my eyes, and them, BOOM! When I opened my eyes, thankfully, I was back in my room, and it was just a dream. I sighed. Just thinking of that dream almost made me have a corazón attack. I went to the bathroom to get some water, and looked in the mirror. I just didn’t...
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posted by Ashley-Shadow
Amy was running from Shadow but she had to stop because she had ran into a cliff, and por the looks of it, it was a long way down. Shadow dicho "give up that esmeralda o I'm going to have to take it from you" he dicho in a very calm but demanding voice. Amy dicho "no, I'll never let tu get this emerald! Shadow stepped slowly to her step por step, Amy was starting to panic as she stepped back further and further to the edge of the cliff. Shadow on the other hand was making his way slowly to her until their faces were so close to one another that they could feel each others breath then Shadow said...
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posted by SailorStar122
Amy Rose crying oh so gracefully.
Wondering what she did wrong.
Sonic...did she amor him o not?
She seemed so sure in the start.
But when will he pop the question?
These preguntas buzzed in Amy's head.
They have been dating for 6 years.
Then she saw before here the blue hedgehog.
"Amy,I amor you,will tu marry me?"
Amy Rose now Amy the Hedgehog had a great wedding.
They had two kids and lived happily ever after.
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"AMY WHERE ARE U!" dicho Sonic.

Mean while back where Amy and Shadow are. Shadow please bring me back. Amy dicho with tears in her eyes. "Why why do u want to go back Amy is because of sonic". Shadow went on one knee in front of Amy. "To tell u the truth Amy he never loves u". SHUT UP SHADOW! Your ling.

Back where Sonic is. I looked everywhere where could she be? two old women walked por talking and sonic over heard them. That little black hedgehog was being mean to that cute little rosado, rosa hedgehog. i know i think she was crying. sonic ran up to them. "a black and rosado, rosa hedgehog did the black one...
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posted by milo8890
[i] hola GUYS!
What's up? I haven't been on fanpop in FOREVER and I thought i would check in on the groups i made. I can't even start to express how happy I am that tu all joined, thanks a tons!!:)

Well, the sad part of this is i am no longer Sonamy. I support it, of course!>3 But, i'll stay connected with tu guys :).

I also was thinking of ways of making the Group better. That would ROCK :3. So if anyone has any idea's speak up, i want to hear your idea's!! The más the merrier!

So thank tu for lectura this, i'm glad to be back on Fanpop! :)

I kinda missed it but i was bust with so i forgot FanPop was even here! So with TONS of thanks yous i'm sayin' bye bye till siguiente time! THANK tu A TONS AGAIN!>3

Keep on juicing!~
posted by shamy1000
It's been 3 years since Amy seen Sonic.This was going to be the first time Amy's been to high school. When she came to the entrance, she found her old friends.They started comparing their classes.Amy had an itchy spot in her tight camisa, camiseta that showed off her breast.When she scratched it some boys whistles."OW!" dicho a blue blur."Sorry,I wasn't paying attention"said Amy.Sonic eyes caught Amy's beautiful eyes."Amy?""Sonic?!".Then Scrouge came in and pushed Sonic and Amy making them kiss.They stayed like that untill the campana rang.By the end of the día they were together. Smoooooooooooooooooooooccccccchhhhhh was all tu could here at Amy's house. THE END!!!!!!!
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I speak spanish ok if tu dont get it than get a translater