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One día a beautiful princess was born. Her name was Amelia Lyn Rose daughter of queen Lilly rose and king ivy rose. Her mom was a light blue hedgehog with rosado, rosa eyes and long hair with 3 bangs and her father was a green hedgehog with brown eyes and quils like sonic's. They were happy until an evil queen estola Amy and raised her like a maid and never told her she was a princess. That queen had a daughter named sally. Sally was never treated right so she also became evil. Years later with it being Amy's 19th birthday she wanted to leave her inicial and go explore. One night she was watching out her...
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posted by nanacrystal
Sonic Ran at full speed to Tails house. He was scheduled for a meeting With Rouge, Knuckles, Tails and Shadow.

He soon arrived to see Shadow, Knuckles, Tails And Rouge all sitting at the cocina table.

Sonic: hola guys!
Tails: hola Sonic! We were waiting for you.
Rouge: Took tu long enough!
Sonic: well sorry, i had to run away from Amy!
Knuckles: A girl is más important then this meeting?
Sonic: No, it's just tu aren't AS important.

They all laughed. sonic sat at the mesa, tabla and sighed.

Sonic: So, whats going on?
Tails: Well, waiting for you, we already got everything done, so...
Rouge: How about we play...
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posted by hunter2450
THREE HOURS LATER AT THE MOBIUS CARE CENTER 5:30PM.Amy glares at sonic "do tu have ANY idea what you've just done?you've dado me your condition,and it's incurable!it's over sonic!"
sonic stutters "B-But-But i didn't..."
amy screams "GET OUT!Get out of my hospital room,out of my house,and OUT OF MY LIFE!"
sonic hangs his head and walks out of the room and i stop sonic from leaving "hold it!"
amy screams "YOU GET OUT!"
i scream at her "SHUT UP!"
"i went you're house to make sense of this madness you're place was all smashed destroyed so i went to the construction site and borrow some newspapers."...
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posted by silverstruelove
Amy's Pov: i was looking for sonic to give him this bracelet made for him. Just then, i heard him laughing with Sally. I listened to what they were saying.
Sonic's POV: sals and i were on our fecha when she brought up amy. She started to say," sonic when are going to tell her that you're mine?" I answered," soon. man i hate her, she follows me around man i wish she was dead." We laughed, just then amy came out of no where.
Amy's POV: when i heard him say that i felt my corazón break. I went to to tell him what i thought about him. I said," sonic how could you? I have always amor tu and this...
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One día the heroic hedgehog Sonic was yet again saving the día when so-called girlfriend Amy arrives and pretends to come to the rescue:
Amy:Sonic dont worry I'll help
*Amy then gets out her hammer and starts hitting the enemy.*
Sonic:What do tu think you're doing?!
Amy:I'm here to rescue you!
*Amy then gets hit por the enemy*
Sonic:Amy what do tu think your?Are tu litterly trying to kill your self!?Amy go inicial I DONT WANT tu ANYMORE!!!
*Amy then runs of crying*
Shadow:I'm not even that mean
Silver:Cold dude.Cold.
Sonic then realises that forgot to tell Amy a really...
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posted by MagicTheBunny35
One day, Sonic was walking in the park when he saw Amy and Rouge sitting in the grass. Sonic hid behind a bush.
Amy: Rouge....
Rouge: Yeah?
Amy: I have a couple of preguntas to ask...
Rouge: About what?
Amy: Just listen...
Rouge: Well go ahead, I'm listening
Amy: Do tu think Sonic l-likes me?
Rouge: Uh....well, that's not something I know about...
Amy: Do tu think Sonic will kiss m-me?
Rouge: Well same thing I dicho before......
Amy: *Says quietly* D-do tu t-think that Sonic will s-say that h-he loves me?
Rouge: Now THAT'S something I don't know!
Amy: *Starts to cry*
Rouge: Well.....I know!
Amy: *Stops...
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posted by shamy1000
Amy and Sonic are together and they got in a fight cause Amy wants a baby but Sonic is not ready.Will Sonic be ready in a few weeks?"Tails what will i do, i want Amy just not the baby.""i would make one with Cream to complete my life happily..""ok."Amy was at her house looking at porn."There so lucky they get fucked hard" dicho Amy.Sonic was surprised what she was watching.He had a bulb appear in his pants."Amy!"Amy turned around quickly."Sonic!"She slammed the laptop."Amy i saw what tu were watching.""oh, um."She was hiding a pack of condoms."Amy tu don'T have to keep it a secret, i've made my choice, it is a yes.Amy took out the pack of condoms.3 hours later."OH SONIC!!!!" she moaned loudly."im going to com!!" sonic yelled so did Amy.And they com
inside each other.9 months later Amy had a baby named sunshine.THE END
Chapter One

"Sonic!" Amy called. "Sonic!" She had her hands cupped around her mouth to shout out his name. No answer. She sighed. She stopped calling his name. She walked around Station Square, wondering where the blue hedgehog was. She gave up, but she saw him! She started running after him.
As Amy got closer, she saw him talking to..Rouge? What? Amy tackled Sonic. Sonic turned to face her.
"Amy get the hell off of me!" Shadow growled. The black hedgehog hated the rosado, rosa girl.
"Oh, sorry, Shadow," Amy apologized. She got off of him. "I was looking for Sonic." Shadow nodded and crossed his arms....
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posted by ShadAmy
Chapter One
Sonic ran faster and faster away from me. It was like a nightmare. It just kept going no matter what. I finally woke up. As I woke up i thought about my dream o nightmare as I called it. As i thought it hit me right in the face. Sonic Would Never amor Me!!!

I went downstairs for breakfast and say a plate of my favorito! thing to eat in the morning, it was panqueques, tortitas with arándano, blueberry syrp on parte superior, arriba with tocino, bacon on the side. Then I say something so shocking I thought I was going to die. A note that dicho "Dear Amy, I hope tu like your birthday present it was all i could do until later. Love,...
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posted by sonicfanAG
Sonic was walking in the school's court yard when Amy runs up to him:
Amy:Sonic wait I have something to ask you
*sonic stops running*
Amy:Would tu like to go to prom with me?
*Amy blushes*
*Sonic looks down*
Amy:What?Is there something wrong?
Sonic:Well tu see I..uh already asked Sally.
*Sally walks from the main building*
Sally:Hi Sonic!How's my hedgehog doing?
*Sally kisses Sonic on the cheek and turns to look at Amy
Sally:What are tu looking at tu rat?!GET LOST!!
*Amy runs off crying*
*Sonic gets Sally's arm off of his back*
Sonic:First of all tu did'nt have...
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Once apon a time in a town called Staition square...Amy:Sonic wait for me.Where is he going now.Hmph he should be nicer to me.Looks around.GREAT Iv lost him.Sonic:Knuckles!!Knuckles:yes Sonic.Sonic:Its a long story.A LONG STORY LATER.Knuckles:You wanna what Amy?Sonic:Can tu help.Knuckles:Of coarse I can.Heres what tu do.THAT NIGHT AT A FANCY RESTERAUNT.Waiter:Here is your wine.Amy:Whats that.Sonic:Pulls ring out of wine.This is my proposal.Amy:Your what?Sonic:Amy Rose...Will tu marry me.Amy:Of coarse I will.2 WEEKS LATER.Tails:Perfect.The tux is perfect.In the other room.Rouge:Almost got...
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Shields Up, Mr. Sulu, red alert!

But Captain why?

We’re talking about Sonamy and SonSal.

… Oh my…

YES, I am going into THAT territory. I’ll get right into that thing EVERYONE is going to talk about.

Sonic X, Episode 52. In the episode, Amy says “Just tell me that tu amor me!” after worrying to death about Sonic being gone, and such. Sonic then proceeds to offer her a flower, and the words “Oh Amy, I amor you.” Are RUMORED. Unfortunately (or… fortunately) the audio was cut out. I was told it was so that fans could discuss what he dicho themselves (which is stupid so I kinda still...
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First of all let's get some stuff out of the way first. I will be talking about some Amy couples like Shadamy, Silvamy ect. If tu are a fan of both of these couples, and do not want to see me hating them, tu should go back now.

Yes, I am talking about this subject now. I don't care what tu say, I'm doing it. Anyway, I would like to say some stuff about SonAmy to those who hate/dislike the couple. I've talked about a topic like this once, only it was about Amy Rose. Only this time I'll be talking about a very popular couple among us Sonic fans: SonAmy.

I'm pretty sure tu know who Amy Rose...
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posted by milo8890
Amy was sitting outside of her house watching the clouds go by.She thought about sonic.How he was always running away from her.If he loved her would he run?She was making her self upset so she stopped and went inside to make a sandwitch.She got out the pan de molde, pan when there was a ring at the door.She walked up to the door and opened it suprized to see Shadow.
"Umm sorry but why are tu here?"
"Sonic wanted me to tell tu to meet him at the Park."
"Umm yes why?"
Amy was getting to hyper.She settled down and relaxed.
"Sorry its just I havent seen Sonic in 2 weeks."
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posted by Mangaluvr13
Sonic turned yellow nd he had heat the Sonic fainted.Amy did not know wat to do the someone came then it waz shadow Amy gasped.

AMY:Sh-sh-sh-adow Shadow is that u?

SHADOW:Wat r u doing Amy?




AMY:Sonic im sry but Shadow were over.



Amy blocked shadw be4 he could hit sonic then shadow stoped.

SHADOW:Fine be single Amy Rose

AMY:I dont care take this!

Amy hit her hammer at shadow real hard nd left a big bump on his head.

SONIC:Nice 1 amy!HAHA

Then Sonic nd Amy went on an adventure will they be in luv find out on scene 3......To Be Continued
posted by silverstruelove
Sonic's POV: i saw a note on her door. It said," this was the her home, but she is now dead, so now Sandy rose lives here." Then a girl that looked like Amy, but had blond pelaje, piel and jade eyes like amy.
Amy's POV: i heard the nosie of the paper as someone took it off to read. I had just finished dying my fur, when i opened the door. When i saw sonic, i slammed the door closed. He kept knocking on the door, until i opened the door. I asked who he was.
Sonic POV: when she dicho that, i heard the hatered in her voice. I felt my corazón break. I tried to say sorry, but she kept saying that she didn't know me. I ran to talk with Tails.
What will Tails suggest? Found out in chapter three
posted by ashadoll
Sonamy pages have been ripped out and forgotten in the end sonic and amy get married...but amy dies of corazón brake when she caught sonic with shadow.sadly thats how it ends with there 2 kids.Sonic now is with shadow and that is gay,but he knows amy is still his guardian angel.If i where him i would wacht out for raining piko hammers. Luckly we try to rewrite the pages and well suceed.Never give up Amy and Sonic should be in a fantasía with a happy ending.Keep rewriting for Sonamy it is a forgotten story that needs to be renewed.So it has a endng in all off us and we can bring it out.
posted by Mangaluvr13
Amy waz just a heghog,but then when she waz on the oscilación she saw somthing past her.

AMY:Huh wat the?

Amy stuck her foot out to trip the fast thing, then he triped.


AMY:Who are u?

SONIC:Im sonic...sonic the heghog hehe

AMY:Im amy rose*blushing*

Amy saw the cut on sonic she puted the bandade on him.

AMY:Here is that better sonic

SONIC:Yeah thanx

Sonic held amy's hand as amy blushed they almost kiss but then sonic chaos emreald shined amy gasp.

AMY:Sonic wats happening!


Wat will happen siguiente wait till scene 2!
posted by love5
Sonic kept on running from Amy she had been chasing him for hours and she still has been able to keep up with him

"Shit Amy just give it up"
Sonic thought still running soon he came to a cliff he stopped and looked back seeing Amy come really close he sweatdropped and When he sighed he felt Amy grab on to him and hug him panting and almost making Sonic and her fall off

"But Sonikku we finally have our own moment together"

As soon as Sonic and Amy knew they were falling down the cliff Sonic and Amy screamed Soon Amy grabbed Sonic's hand and before they could touch...
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posted by sonicfanAG
Sonic was in the park with his dog Muttski,When a mysterious little boy ran to him.
Little boy:Daddy!
Little boy:Daddy, I lost you, daddy.
Sonic:You must be mistaken little boy,because I'm not your daddy.
*Little boy takes guante off*
Little boy:Look!I have the same birthmark as tu have.
*Sonic takes off glove*
Sonic:What the......?
Little boy:See?!
*Sonic gasps*
Amy:Hi Sonic.
*little boy hugs Amy*
Little boy:Mommy!
Sonic:HUH!?IT CAN'T BE?!
Amy:Yes,Sonic meet your son Dash.
*Sonic starts to cry and hugs Dash*
Sonic:Where have tu been all my life?!
Amy:He's not the only one.
Amy:Sonic Jr.,Rosy,Susan,Speedy,Moonlight,come out here!
*6 little kids come out from Amy's car*
*Sonic starts to twitch*
Sonic:Your kidding right?