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posted by darkness23
It was a normal día Sonic was out on his morning runs like he dose ever morning. Shadow the black hedgehog was stareing in to the sky from the árbol that he sat in he could see ever thing. " why must i be here" shadow asked him self. Just then the blue hedgehog ran past and seen shadow " hola SHADOW WHAT tu DOING UP THERE" he shouted, shadow looked down as if he was king and dicho " faker tu dont have to shout i can hear you" shadow jumped down. Shadows hand landed on sonics hip as he laned sonic blushed but turned his head so shadow couldnt see. "shadow i need to ask tu somthing"
"ok then sonic what is it" shadow asked lifting his eyebrow. sonic moved closer to shadow and looked into his eyes. Shadow looked back and then suddley sonic kissed shadow......... TOO BE CONTINED
posted by rockchicklucy
shadow was walking down the calle when the over active and totally annoying amy rose stompeded up to him. "you are the worst friend in the world"she screeched at the poor black hedgehog. little did shadow know what the fuck amy was talking about... "i dont have a clue what tu are on about" then amy pulled a condom from her pocket "sooo who does this belong to"shadow stopped and looked into her eyes and ran ....... straight into sonics bed. they had anal condom and just about everything and they did not care that amy was watching through the window. the scratched each other gave each other...
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posted by girlyshadowfan
He's gone.He's dead. I never got the chance to say.."i amor tu shadow..the hedgehog" He's dead and it's my fault...hopelessly staring into el espacio that night...why did he have to die? why? Tears fell down my face as i thought of him. He was just a confused,angry,and sad hedgehog.Then to make it worse my stalker came..yes Amy rose. Amy looked at me and dicho "what's the matter sonikku?" "just go away..."she sar beside me."What's the matter?!" "GO THE FUCK AWAY!" she cried and ran away. I hate to say it but i was obbesed with him...he was the only thing that made me happy...
Me: I'm just write before my imagination runs dry.

(Shadow's mansion, siguiente day, 9:52 A.M.)

The sun, the red bright ball in the sky, was just rising above a hill, seeping out it's rays onto the cereza, cerezo blossom tree. Falling rosado, rosa petals swirled in the light breeze, onto the soft muzzle of a blue hedgehog, alseep in his lover's arms. Light was coming into the room, the window wide open, letting in más of their rosado, rosa visitors, as they filled the cama and floor of the room, circling around the two, amor still in the air from the night before.

Last night, the two retired to cama early, exaghsted from...
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posted by Sonicluver2282
 sonadow =^o^=
Sonadow =^o^=
Man Im crazy about Sonadow. I draw pictures. I have a story on Deviantart. I chat with my cuz and Sonic and Shadow have three kid I made up in out little story like thing. I have like 30 pictures. Man I need help. I dont not wanna be a sonadow fan. But I wouldnt wanna be as crazy about it. *Im not getting into Sonamy id thats what tu think XP worst couple ever* Well if tu have the same problem tu can comentario o is tu can give me some consejos then plz feel free thnx my peeps TOODLE PIP!!!!

 gots to amor them
gots to love them
posted by ShadowtheHedgie
"Shadow if only tu knew how i felt." I dicho to myself. "What do tu mean if?" asked a dark figure. "Oh my god did tu here me?" I asked the figure. "Yes Sonic I know everything about you." he answered back. "But how? Why do tu amor me after everything I put tu through?" I asked starting to cry. " Well I always did," he said,"but i was scared to tell tu I was afriad tu would not like me back." "I alway have to." I dicho standing up off my bed. " Then why did tu never tell me?" he asked. "The same reason tu wouldn't tell me." I replied walking toward him. "That is why we must not speak...
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