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CrazyCatLady dicho …
Hi guys, I just dropped por to let tu all know I am thinking of you, and I miss all the wonderful fun times we had here!, may tu all be happy healthy and safe. : ) publicado hace más de un año
Snape96 comentó…
I'm missing everyone. I hope tu have a happy life. :) hace más de un año
fly210 dicho …
So, Alan Rickman died. RIP.
Even though we never met him we all ARE his family and friends after all right?
he.... he......
made me think of tu guys.
amor tu all. publicado hace más de un año
xMissLestrangex dicho …
I highly doubt someone will notice this little message of mine but there's something I must say. No matter where tu are, with whom o what in the world tu are doing, I hope everyone who once was a part of this beautiful family is healthy, happy along with their loved ones and enjoying life to the fullest. No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten. It's impossible to forget people who gave tu so much to remember. tu will always be loved and forever missed. Yours sincerely, Auntie Bella. publicado hace más de un año
fly210 comentó…
I noticed. <3 I check this page about one a month. Thank tu so much, and I wish the same to you. Miss tu auntie! hace más de un año
HPCouples comentó…
Beautiful! :') Family is forever. ♡X♡X hace más de un año