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posted by Crazy-Chica
The following people have been Lana's boyfriend.

Whitney Fordman was her boyfriend through the whole Season One. He left to be in the military. It was later known that he died in combat.
Jason Teague appeared in Season Four. He was her boyfriend in Paris but then came to Smallville. He was the football coach of smallville High. He and his mother were obsessed with the Stones of Power. He died in the segundo meteor ducha, ducha de while attacking Martha and Jonathan.
Clark Kent and Lana were together a short time at the end of Season Two. Their relationship ended when Clark, under the influence...
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Emily Dinsmore
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Emily Dinsmore
Family Pete Dinsmore (Father, Deceased)
Occupation none
Powers and Abilities Super Speed, walks through walls
Played por Jodelle Ferland and
Amber Rothwell
Status Missing
Appeared In Accelerate, Forsaken
"This time it will be [Lana that dies]!" -Emily Dinsmore's clone to Lana Lang, Accelerate

Emily Eva Dinsmore was a childhood friend of Lana Lang. When they were ten years old, they went to the river to make boats from flowers. One day, it was raining and Lana slipped and fell in. Emily jumped in after her and encouraged...
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