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lilithcain posted on Aug 24, 2010 at 09:01PM
Do you think that Val and Fletch should be in a relationship? I don't think so.I just think Landy put them together cause they're in the same age group.
What do you think?

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hace más de un año fletcherrennrox said…
Hell Yeah They should be together there perfect for each other Fletcher is the teleporter and shes the elemental with a necromancer ring and is trained by some of the worlds best kung fu masters god they are so ment for each other
hace más de un año aren13 said…
of course they should be together! They are so totally suited to each-other, although fletcher is a bit immature and annoying for val, lol. I think there should be something with caelen in the next book. Maybe fletcher finding out! i don't wanna be girlishly evil, but it makes it so damn suspenseful!
hace más de un año jussler said…
big smile
hell yea theyre are so cute together and all Fletcher needs is a weapon then theyd make an awesome team
hace más de un año jazminexx said…
yes they are the perfect couple i want them to stay together forever. i havent read mortal coil yet cant wait for it but worried they wont stay together thoughout the book . but i really want them to stay together
hace más de un año Smileygirl244 said…
I love them as a couple and hope they get back together! I think they will, and I agree jussler, if Fletch had a weapon they'd be a total kick ass team! X