Fletcher Renn, Draco Lupus, Myra, Ignis Terra and Clarabelle teleported into the sanctuary's medical bahía and in segundos Draco fell to the ground holding his stomach "oh s***, s*** I've been shot" Myra and Fletcher quickly came to his add to pick him up and put him on the nearest empty bed, Ignis then ran down the corridor "Dr Nya, NYA WHERE ARE YOU, tu SKINNY SON OF A..." at that point a tall skinny creature in a lab capa walked up to him "I will not appreciate that sort of language to me Terra" it said, Fletcher then teleported to them both and teleported them to the cama where Draco was on "Doctor my brother has been shot, we need tu to save him" he said
"your not sanctuary agents" dicho Nya then Clarabelle walked up to her boss and dicho "but he's my friend" Nya then sighed and dicho "he doesn't have much time, por the looks of it tu still have unfinished business so tu guys head off and finish it whilst I try to save him"
"thank you" dicho Myra
Red blood gang den
Night stood in front of her new boss, Red Blood with his right hand vampire (called Zip-it) to his right, she gripped tightly to the gun that she knew fired the bullet that hit her ex in her hand as Red Blood sat on his thrown "whistle those four are still alive they are threats your job is to kill them, and if tu don't, we shall never grant tu the gift that tu desire, immortality" he dicho and fear swept across her face, that was the only reason that she betrayed her old friends but now she knew how to become immortal.
kill her friends
China's apartment
while China and Soloman where stuck in America the team where asked to house sit China's apartment so that's where they lived, they knew that Night would be coming to finish the job, Clarabelle had stayed at the sanctuary for two reasons, one to keep her seguro from the vamps, and two so that she can help Nya to heal Draco. Ignis got some weapons from his bag, two swords and a gun, he gave one sword to Fletcher and the gun to Myra and kept the other sword for himself and decided that they should stay there for as long as possible and take turns watching the doors and windows while the other two sleep, Ignis taking the first shift. He sat in front of the door waiting, he could feel his eyes trying to shut but he knew that he had to stay awake, he had done the whole long night waiting for enemy to arrive so he had learned how to keep awake, keep his mind active so he kept thinking then he heard the door knock, Fletcher and Myra woke up and joined him at the door, Ignis slowly went to the door and before opening it Myra dicho "wait what if it's Night o god-for-bid vampires"
"that why I gave tu guys weapons"
sanctuary's medical bay
Nya had tried everything but nothing worked the bullet that hit him was a vampron bullet, used por vampiros in the war with Mevolent, used to kill anyone that they hit, no one has ever survived.
until now.
Nya grabbed onto a vile with a black substance it had been meaning to try for months, it didn't know if the substance would work but it had to try, it turned to Clarabelle "you look tired, head to the coffee room and rest"
"ok Dr Nya" she dicho and skipped down the hallway, Nya then got the black substance, put into a hypodermic needle and injected Draco with the substance, he opened his eyes, but instead of being the normal hazel that they are, they were black.
China's apartment
Ignis opened the door, nothing he sighed and turned to the others "its nothing" Fletcher and Myra both sighed with relief but then a shadow came up behind Ignis and sent him flying across the corridor the shadow then retreated and Night stood in its place "hello old friends" she said
"hello Night" dicho Fletcher
"hi Night" dicho Myra
"now I have to kill tu to gain my reward, immortality" dicho Night
"so that's the real reason tu betrayed us" dicho Ignis getting up from the floor "then what?"
"I can finally get away from death, as you're all aware necromancers are afraid of it"
"you'll lose your powers" dicho Myra
"a necessary loss" dicho Night, she was about to strike when Ignis threw himself at her and they both went flying into the corridor to the flat, the two had dropped their weapons, the two got up and started to fight, throwing punches and kicks at each other, Fletcher and Myra followed trying to help up Ignis threw them back using the wind element then used it on Night to push her back, she then hit the banister of the staircase and Ignis charged when he impacted they both went over the banister Fletcher and Myra quickly got up and looked over the banister, Ignis had held on to the banister but Night wasn't in sit when they got him up he dicho "she shadow walked o shadow fell before she hit the stairs, I don't know where she's heading" he dicho still hanging over the side when he dicho it, so Fletcher and Myra helped him up and teleported back to the sanctuary's medical bay
Red gang den
Night stood there in disgrace in front of Red Blood who was clearly angry "YOU COMPLETE DISGRACE, tu ARE NOT FIT TO BE A VAMPIRE"
"I'm so sorry master, I promise I will get them" dicho Night
"yes master" she dicho running to the door with shadows around her hands
sanctuary's medical bay
the three looked around the destroyed medical bay, Fletcher lifted the cama that had his brother on and Dr Nya was lying there "what happened" he said, Nya looked up to him with fear in its eyes "I'm so sorry, I used something that I had made a few months ago, it was suppose to heal wounds made por vampron bullets but it has turned your brother... evil" Fletcher then grabbed Nya around it's throat and threw him across the corridor "YOU B*******!" he shouted and ran the opposite way following the path of destruction made por his brother "Fletch wait" dicho Myra running after him, Ignis not far behind.
end of series one