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Fletcher Renn and Myra had retuned to Australia after seeing Valkyrie Cain so that Myra could get the muffins out of the horno when the doorbell rang "Oh Fletch, could tu get that, I busy with the muffins" dicho Myra with her strong Australian accent, Fletcher turned to her and nodded then teleported to the door and opened it, there was a kid, about the same age as Fletcher (19), he wore black, baggy jeans, a black parte superior, arriba and black army boots, his hair was a dark shade of brown, everything about him dicho one thing 'dark' but he look familiar but Fletcher couldn't tell what it was, siguiente to him was a girl with short, blond hair, wore denim shorts, black parte superior, arriba and boots and black tights, she again looked 19 and familiar.
"Hi" dicho the kid, he had an English accent, like Fletcher "I'm looking for a Jack Roper"
"Oh god" Fletcher thought "my dado Name"
"I'm his brother, Tom"
"And I'm Eve Edwins, Tom's girlfriend, I've been Jacks friend for a while" dicho the girl, she two had an English accent.
"Um" dicho Fletcher "no I haven't but if I see him I'll tell him tu were looking for him, what does he look like"
"Bit like me but with blonde hair" dicho the boy
"Oh ok, I'll remember that"
"Cheers, bye"
"Bye", when Fletcher closed the door he put his back to it and slid down to the floor, his brother, his twin brother and old best friend had found him, he was amazed that Tom had asked Eve out, last time he saw them, they were just friends, Fletcher wondered what magic he had taken, Fletcher didn't have a choice, natural born Teleporter but Tom wasn't, he could be anything. Myra then walked into the hall to see her boyfriend sitting on the floor leaning on the door "so who was it?" She asked
"My brother and his girlfriend" dicho Fletcher
"I didn't think he'd find me here, let alone be going out with someone"
"So what now?"
"I have to make a choose, keep living my new life o let my past come into the present"
"I think tu should talk to him, no matter what he did to you"
"Oh I did nothing to him, but our dad..." Came a voice from their left, they both turned to see Tom Roper and Eve Edwins just standing in the doorway of the living room "hi Jack" dicho Tom
"It's Fletcher Renn" dicho Fletcher
"Oh your Chossen Name, well then, I'm Draco Lupus" dicho Tom
"That's Latin for 'dragon wolf' " dicho Myra
"That's right um..." dicho Draco
"Nice to meet you"
"And I'm Night Rock" dicho Eve
"Ok so we know who we are now" dicho Fletcher standing up "but there are a few preguntas I have for tu 'Draco'"
"Go ahead, shoot" dicho Draco
"Number one, how did tu get in?"
"Shadow walk" dicho Night.
"Number two, what magic do tu have?"
"Necromancy" Night said, lifting her left hand to mostrar black necromancy ring.
"Elemental" dicho Draco
"Number three, why have tu come here?"
"We need your help" dicho Night
"A few months hace Tanith Low made an appearance trying to steal something that is believed could amplify a sorcerers power, I think that she want to use it for Darquesse" dicho Draco
"Oh god and tu choose Fletcher because..." dicho Myra
"He's the Last of the Teleporters" if there was anyone that would be found useful, it's him" dicho Draco
"Oh thanks" dicho Fletcher
"Ok but who's Darquesse?" dicho Myra
"Let me explain" dicho Night
Present day
So now they became a team, destroyed the device before Tanith could get to it and the rest was history, they became a younger, less experiences version of Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain but where still highly respected por the Sanctuaries (including the Irish) all around the world.
On día all four members where at a cafe in New York, the loud noises from the busy streets made all three of them feel good about their work, even if one of them didn't have any magic.
Their time gazing at the streets was disturbed when someone walked up the them and gave Fletcher a note "what's this?" He asked
"A person told me to give it to you, gave me 10 dollars to do so" dicho the person, then they walked away, Fletcher opened the read from the note "my dear friend Fletcher, I acquire your assistance as soon as possible, head to Ireland where all four of us will meet at the lack where your new girlfriend meet Valkyire, please hurry, CS"
"Who do tu think it's from?" Asked Myra
"Don't know, the note only says it from a CS" dicho Fletcher
"Where does it say we have to meet them?" Asked Draco
"The lack in Roarhaven" dicho Fletcher, Night then stood up and look down at Fletcher and friend "then lets mover out, people"
The sky was black with the night, the town of Roarhaven was almost silent due to the Sanctuary and the whooshing noise of Fletcher, Myra, Draco and Night teleporting near the lack, when they had fully transported, a woman in a red parte superior, arriba and blue jeans stepped out of the darkness "hello my dear Fletcher" she said.
That voice, Fletcher knew that voice, he turned to her and dicho "CS AKA China Sparrow, still trying to stay stylish as usuall"
"Fletcher Renn, still trying to keep your hair like a headgehog then" dicho China Sparrow
"I guess something's just never change, oh um China, this is my brother Draco Lupus, his girlfriend Night Rock and my girlfreind Myra, guys this is China Sparrow, an old friend of mine". Myra stood up and shoke her hand "G'day Miss Sparrow"
"Hello Myra"
"Evening China" dicho Draco
"Nice to see ya again Sparrow" dicho Night
"Young Draco, young Night, good to see tu two again" dicho China
"Wait tu know each other?" dicho Fletcher"
"Of course, China helped us find you" dicho Draco
"Yes I did" dicho China "but enough chitchat we have work to do, now I think we can all fit in my car, I dout Skulduggery would want to see me, even with tu Fletcher" he nodded, Skulduggery never like Fletcher, for him to be seen with China would be a good reason for Skulduggery to beat his face in so they all started to walk to the car.
Not far from there
Tanith Low and Billy-Ray Sanguine were busy running from public sight, when they got to a seguro distance, they stopped Sanguine was panting heavily but Tanith could understand what he was saying "are tu sure that he's the one, the Darquesse Trigger?"
"Yes I'm sure, and now he's in Ireland, the perfect opportunity, with his death, Darquesse can finally break free and turn this world into dust" dicho Tanith, her face covered por black veins and a black lipped smile.
China's new apartment
Fletcher sat on the window sill looking over Dublin, it had been a while since he was here, he could see people, normal people getting on with their normal lives and wondered what his life would be like if he never discovered his powers, probably be a pretty rubbish one.
But his wonder was distracted por China calling him for attention,
there was a reason that she needed all three of them, and they were all curious to see what that reason is "Tanith Low and Billy-Ray Sanguine are dicho to be back in Dublin, looking for a person called the Darquesse Trigger" she dicho sitting down at her escritorio in front of the TV "the Darquesse Trigger?" dicho Myra "but I thought that Darquesse would come at her own terms, not be triggered por someone like a weapon"
"Exactly" dicho China "but Tanith is extremely loyal to Darquesse and I think Tanith has grown inpatient about Darquesse"
"And tu want us to find out who the Darquesse Trigger is and keep them away from Tanith and Sanguine" dicho Draco
"Correct my dear, and there's a lead at some old club down town, think ya can handle it?" dicho China, Fletcher then jibed from the window sill and dicho "I'd be más worried about any drunk idiot who try's to mess with us".
The club
This club, Fletcher recognised it as the club that he took Valkyrie to about three years ago, it still was a active as ever, he, Draco and Night slowly got out of the car, Myra wasn't much of a fighter so her job was to drive into the bad guys, open the car door so that they could all make a quick retreat, China sat in car with her, she didn't like these hip-hop clubes so she watched the brothers walk to the entrance "this will be fun" she thought as she saw they step up he bouncer, both girls could see them talking and then to their surprise, Fletcher punching the man in the face and stepping over him, Draco and Night followed.
In club
"Y'know that, that little attack reduces our time here" dicho Draco as they walked into the main dance room of he club, Fletcher turned to him and dicho "yeah well we had to get in, anyway that was trick that Valkyrie Cain taught me when we were going out"
"You dated Valkyrie Cain" dicho Night
"Ow, Draco here has only dated Melancholia St Clair before me"
"Wait, tu dated the Death Bringer" dicho Fletcher to Draco
"Well yeah but this was before the whole Death Bringer business" dicho Draco
"Why did tu break up?" Asked Fletcher
"Personal reasons"
"Oh". They spent the siguiente few segundos looking round the room to find someone who may look suspicious o worried, no one but they saw someone else, a blonde woman wearing leather trousers and a leather coat, it was Tanith Low, it had been a trap, the lead was a fake so that China would bring Draco and Fletcher here they turned to make a break for it but saw Sanguine standing there with Myra and China handcuffed behind him, fuego curled up around Draco's hand but Sanguine pulled out his razor, grabbed Myra and put it to her throat, Draco sighed and the fuego vanished, Tanith then walked up to them "hi Fletch, Hi Draco, hi Myra, hi Night" we then looked at China "and hello China, long time, no see"
"As it seems old friend" dicho China
"Is there anywhere less crowded then here, Fletcher can tu please teleport us somewhere quiet"
"And I'd I refuse" dicho Fletcher
"Then your girl here loses height" dicho Sanguine nodding to the razor still on Myra's neck, Fletcher then sighed and held out his hands, Draco took one, Myra took the other, Sanguine then took Myra's other hand, Tanith took Sanguine's razor out of his hand and his other hand with her free hand, Night then took Draco's hand ans China then held onto Night's hand and they teleported.
Roarhaven's lack
"Now then, this is perfect we'll soon see the end of the world, good job bringing us here" dicho Tanith handing her Fiancé's razor back to him "what do tu mean" dicho Fletcher
"I mean that now I have a chance to kill the Darquesse Trigger in front of Darquesse, and in doing so will cause her to break free from her bounds and destroy he world"
"Wait, so are tu saying that one of us is the Darquesse Trigger" dicho Night
"Yes but I'm also saying it's Fletcher"
"What?" dicho all five members of the team
"Makes scene with Valkyrie's True Name being Darquesse and Fletcher being her first boyfriend"
Fear then ran through Fletcher's blood, not only was his ex the one who would kill the world but he would be the one who will trigger her to do so, he had to think fast, he looked over to see that the handcuffs on China and Myra had fallen off, he walked up to Tanith and punched her in the face, Night then set a shadow flying from her necromancy ring and hit Sanguine in the stomach before he could react, Draco then created a shadow that cover all five members of the team and Fletcher teleported them and the shadow Tanith the got up with he hand around her bleeding noise, when she saw that they were all gone, she yelled.
China's new apartment
The segundo that they teleported there China got to work packing her cloths "guys we have to get out of here" she said
"I agree, this will be the first place that Tanith and Sanguine will look" dicho Night, within a few minutes, all her cloths where packed and they teleported back the club where China's car was still located, they packed the boot, climbed into the car and drove.
"Now what" dicho Myra "we can't just let them kill Fletch"
"We run" dicho Draco "that's what we do, cause as long as Fletcher is alive, then Valkyrie won't want to destroy the world"
"We'll need a place to hid" dicho Night
"I know someone" dicho China "hold on"
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