skins skins icono Contest [Round 1]

BeautifulN posted on Apr 12, 2010 at 03:26PM
Soooo I have seen this contest in a lot of spots and I thought that would be fun to try it here too :)

Every 5 days we pick a theme for icons (you can choose anything connected with Skins) and post there icons below. Then I'll make a pick with all the icons and you can vote for the best icon (3-4 days). Then the winner picks the next theme. You can post only one icon per round.

Round 1: First generation (you can put any icon representing season 1 and 2 cast)
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hace más de un año oblix said…
Doesn't seem to be active?? well here's mine.

Cassie and Sid :)
 Doesn't seem to be active?? well here's mine. Cassie and Sid :)
hace más de un año doraaaayeah said…
Here's mine! Maxxieeee<3
 Here's mine! Maxxieeee<3
hace más de un año sophialover said…
We MAKE the icon ourselves or we can just find it randomly on web and choose to post it?
Stupid question maybe but it`s just that i`m not that familiar with this game.
hace más de un año oblix said…
Make the icons our selves! why would you want to use someone else's??
Anyway none of the other icon contests are to use other peoples icons.
hace más de un año sophialover said…
No,cause the other way would be fun as well as long as we were crediting properly.
hace más de un año Shanice_12 said…
Here's mineeeee =D
Chriss ♥
 Here's mineeeee =D Chriss ♥
hace más de un año mdigs73 said…
tony <3
 tony <3