Since I'm a huge fan of Sia's composing skills, I wanted to share this lista with some of my favorito! lyrics from songs she has written and/or co-written for others.

I also took some time to do all the fanarts with the lyrics included, hope everyone likes them.

Lets begin:

"Help, I have done it again
I have been here many times before
Hurt myself again today
And, the worst part is there's no-one else to blame" -Breathe Me

"Blunted thorns are soft on skin
Will the weight of life lift me?
Hear the chatter fooling me
Drown your voice with mighty weed" - Jesus Wept

"And I felt something light
A fear to abide by
I don't wanna fight
A blinding white light
And I heard a cry
And it was mine
Burning to survive" - Jesus Wept

"When tu think you're giving up
Just know, tu might think you're dying but tu won't
And tu feel the amor stepping out of you
But when tu think of giving up, don't" - Bang My Head

"When tu live in fear
tu miss everything
I was struggling
When tu stop fighting
The war within, everybody wins" - Summer Rain

"I'm trying but I keep falling down
I cry out but nothing comes now
I'm giving my all and I know peace will come
I never wanted to need someone" - Helium

"So free me, oh free me
from this pain I've been running from
I'm tired and I'm free falling
free me, oh free me
from this shame I've been running from
I'm lost and I am calling you" - Free Me