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SHINee oneshot contest! Part 1!

Welcome to the oneshot contest! In this round tu need to write a oneshot story about Onew. here are the prizes:

1st place: 25 props
2nd place: 15 props
3rd place: 10 props

This contest will go on for three weeks until the deadline. If there is any preguntas please feel free to ask.

Now the fanfic could be about anything. Love, friendship,life, sadness, hardships, supernatural, e.c.t. But it must be a oneshot.

The round will be closed after three weeks.

Subject: Onew

If tu want to add a poster with your fanfic, extra credit! But I need to like it! :)

The siguiente round will be held after this closes.

Please participate! Your your work will be appreciated! :) Thank you!
 SHINee oneshot contest! Part 1!
 kpopcrown posted hace más de un año
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BeefAddict said:
I am not good at fan fiction. Good luck to other shawols :)
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posted hace más de un año 
dita2212 said:
so far i know onew is a good leader, he is a humble leader, humoris, and he is a type a amor family person....
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posted hace más de un año 
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