Sherlock saw at least 3 different exits from where he stood but all were to far to hatch an escape attempt that wouldn't involve a casuality. He knew what is was like to be shot but didn't want to experience it again. He checked his watch it was ten to eight, he needed to send a signal to Gregson but how? He looked round him for something that could help, he noticed a button the right hand side of the muro which could be the buildings old whistle to alert the men work was finished. But getting to it would prove to be a challenge.

'Which one of tu is lying?'
'Micheal we've been doing buisness for almost three years now, do tu honestly think i would try to trick you?'
Micheal aimed his gun at Sherlock.
'So it's you?'
'Why? What do i gain from lying to you?'
'The drugs.'
'Appart from that? I stand to gain only that from this exchange, nothing else. I have to reason to lie.'
Micheal changed his aim several times between the men, he didn't know who it believe.

Gregson and campana waited anxiously in the car, they had five minutos before they were due to go in. Gregson felt a little on edge, like something wasnt right. He had done several busts before but this one felt different, there was más at stake. He had been after Micheal for a while now but he had put in his best dectective who has been in rehab for substance abuse, probabaly not his best call but he needed Sherlock on this. Now all that was left was to get him out.

Sherlock had to make a mover before it was too late, either way only two men o even one was going to leave the building. He started to back up slowly towards the wall, keeping his eyes on Micheal. He kept his pace slow as to not alarm them but he needed to push the button, he decided to go for it and ran to the button. He managed to push it, it set off the alarm.

Gregson and campana heard the alarm

'All units go, go , go.'
They began to mover in, armed response first. As they approached the door, the officer looked to Gregson for permission. Gregson nodded and they kicked open the door.
'Put the gun down!'
Micheal started to panic.
'Put the gun down.'
He looked around, they were everywhere. He looked at Sherlock.
'You....You ratted me out?'
'Not really.'
'You're a police officer?'
'Again, not really.'
Micheal raised his gun at him.
'You think this is funny?'
'I wasn't trying to be.'
'Then start talking.'
Sherlock let out a slight chuckle.
'You think tu can order me with that? with all these officers and their guns?'
Micheal kept his gun raised.
'Alright, im not a police officer. Im a consulting detective who collaborates with the NYPD.'
He could tell Micheal was angry, his fists were clentched and his nostrils had flared. 'They've been after tu for awhile and sent me in to undermine you.'
'I knew tu were'nt a drug addict.'
'Not true, i use to be. Now i have a favour to ask, let Oscar and Olivia come with us.'
'Let them get help for their addiction, let them live their lifes.'
Micheal laughed.
'They could have left any time, they chose to come back.'
'Not true, Olivia was forced. tu sold her.'
'Is that she told you? She did it cause she loved it.'
He voiced echoed through the building.
'Take him away Captain.'
Gregson cuffed him and lead him out to the car. Sherlock stood and watched them drive away. He felt relieve.