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la elección de los fans: Plankton
la elección de los fans: Yes, he did. Still as a best pal...
Yes, he did. Still as a best...
Yes, he did. As a villain
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Canada24 dicho …
Anyone still on here.. Cause Plankton is my favourites character now..

I amor him 'morbid' humor. It makes him the funniest character in my opinion..
Example: "I just can't take so much kindness in one city.. Need.. Hatred" publicado hace más de un año
divamax comentó…
lol !!!!! hace más de un año
neenee22 dicho …
Its funny how he tries and tries but always ends up loosing in the end kind of like my life and my struggle with money problems ive done selling online basically everything but we just have no luck publicado hace más de un año
willglass dicho …
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr publicado hace más de un año