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TimberHumphrey dicho …
i'll start making a few oveja and lobos videos soon. i already filmed the first 5 minutos of the movie in its original Russian dub publicado hace más de un año
LoneWOLF2272 comentó…
its pawesome hace más de un año
TimberHumphrey dicho …
still nothing on the U.S release of this movie? do we really have to wait for it to come out siguiente mes in China first? publicado hace más de un año
TimberHumphrey comentó…
from what i can find, it's probably coming to the U.S early siguiente year, i think hace más de un año
tehrealkatewolf dicho …
The movie is up on torrent sites in russian. Don't know if o when there will be a english version, but hopefully we'll at least have english subs. publicado hace más de un año