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Recoloring Amy Rose to Shadow the Hedgehog :D
amy rose
starter recoloring
posted by kimmy_wolf
shadow and i were filaly togather after that night i was sooooooo happy.when he dicho he was crazy for me i mean tu read it right! I know im in amor now lick what other thing could it be right. Ok shadow and I are at wallmart and he says "im not useally in publick often." "its fine just calme yourself." he siged and went on. we went back to his house and i sat on the sofá and he tered it to teen mom 2 "i tough tu hated this show?" i said, "well tu like it dont you?" he dicho back. i gigeled and watch the mostrar it was late and he asked "comeing to cama dear" he dicho with a smerk. "look who made...
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posted by SmileyStar33
Last time......
Raven landed in mobious cause the plane blew & raven told vanilla what happened & vanilla takes raven to meet the others...

Raven:*walks in Sonics house with vanilla*
Sonic:Hey vanilla who's this mysterious creature beside u?
Vanilla:this is raven
Raven:Hi sonic
Sonic Wait minuto *confused* how did tu my name Raven....
Raven:I just do
Sonic:BUT HOW?!?!?!
Raven:I just did
Sonic:But how did u?
Raven:I just know
Sonic:GOd she's a bit annoying
Raven:Just like the people say on my planet
Sonic:That's not nice!!
Amy:Stop SONIC FAKER!!!!
Raven:Okay amy i'm not in amor with him he's all urs!
Amy:Thank u!!! What a minute!! *mixeed up* HOW DID U KNOW MY Name???
Raven:I just did
Raven:I just know
Raven:I just do
Sonic:That's not the things i like about her!

To be continued....
posted by fanman619
it was a beautiful día in mistoplis intill the sky became dark and a misterios ship came from the clouds it landed a little alien came out of it people were starting at it in till it dicho “i am zim i have come to your planet to destroy it ah ah ah ah”. Suddenly a black hedgehog appeared in front of zim. “who is this fool sume animal i can kill” zim dicho “i am shadow the hedgehog and tu my friend are going to die” zim runing in his ship to attack shadow “you'll never kill me” zim going into el espacio and shadow grabing onto the ship not leting go till they reached zims base. Shadow carefully geting off the ship shadow shot a chaos arrow at one of zims guards zim was startled and pulled out a gun with one guard with him shadow came out to the open zim said“there he is attack”“this were the fun begins” shadow said!
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I still hate his boss battle
sonic el erizo
shadow el erizo
silver the hedgehog
sonic 06
posted by silvershady
Rocha's POV:
Shadow was so sour. He spent the rest of the día sitting in the corner of the cell, glaring at me as I kicked harshly at the iron cage. "What is your problem?" i asked him. He didn't even answer. Instead he stuck his nose up and huffed noisily. I had been kicking all día and hadn't even made a dent in the iron. I was so frustrated and Shadow was only making it worse. I wanted to puñetazo, ponche that agrio, agria look off his face, and that's exactly what I did. "Hey!" he stood up and growled at me, rubbing his right cheek. I smirked, "why are tu actuación like that?"
"I dont have to explain anything...
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added by TheQueenRose
Lady: Hello and today i am interviewing two very famous Sonic characters, Shadow the Hedgehog and Brianna the Fox(Me)!
Shadow: Hurry this up lady will ya?!? -_-
Brianna(Me): Yeah! Are tu like being slow on purpose?!? -_-
Lady: Ok! Ok! Shadow, besides your girlfriend Moonlight the Hedgehog(LunaAcores94), who do tu think would make a great girlfriend for you?
Shadow: Brianna, cuz shes so evil and beautiful its not even funny.
Brianna: *Blushes* Yeeaaah, i know i am.
Lady: Ok Shadow! Brianna, besides Memphiles, who would make a great boyfriend for you?
Brianna: Shadow, cuz hes evil and really cute!...
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Source: shadow
Part 3:
Shadow held Emerlad, and Sonic stayed up ahead. Things seemed to be getting better, when all of a sudden,Silver fell from the sky. Sonic jumped back. "Silver!" Shadow exlaimed. "Shadow.." Silver looked the other way. "Hello, and goodbye!" Sonic did a spin-dash and Silver was on his knees tring to cach his breath. "Shadow?" Sonic looked back at Shadow. "Leave him be Sonic, hes worthless." Shadow kept walking. "Wait.." "Huh?" Sonic turned around. "You need me.." "Why?" Shadow asked. "He's there.. She's up there.. waching you.. just listion.." "He's insain, come on Sonic." I can't belive...
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posted by PowerRouge
'Want tu Gone' is the ending theme for Portal 2 and I think it really suits Shadow and who he is. Anyway, tu should check it out on YouTube o something.

"Well, here we are again
It's always such a pleasure
Remember when tu tried to kill me twice?
Oh, how we laughed and laughed
Except I wasn't laughing
Under the circumstances I've been shockingly nice

You want your freedom, take it
That's what I'm counting on
I used to want tu dead but
Now I only want tu gone

She was a lot like you
(Maybe not quite as heavy)
Now little Caroline is in here too
One día they woke me up
So I can live forever
It's such a shame...
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posted by bannanabrain
Name: Musa (Mew-sa)
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species: Hedgehog
Crush: Shadow the Hedgehog
Bf: Shadow the Hedgehog and Mephiles the Dark
Bff's: Blaze, Silver, Cream, Tails, Sonic, Knuckles, Rough, Vector, Espio, and Charmy.

Rival: Amy, Eggman, Laitan, Lou, and Death.
Element: Electricity, Thunder, and Lightning.
Power: Rock Music
Weakness: Hip-Hop, Rap, Urban, Country, and Jazz
Personality: Nice, Hardcore (Sometimes), Naive, understanding, faithful.
Emotions: Hyper, Playful, caring, helpful, and forgiving.
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