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we were captured. yes captured. in mud filled cellls in a dungeon under valices castle. then everyone woke up screaming and with misery saying her usual "EEEKERS" "where r we?" asked coral "yea its scary and messy and gross" dicho flana. "we r in the dungeon of deeeaattthh in valice castillo this is the place where most deaths in the world happen" says rush from his cell "and they say all the peoples ghosts still linger here wait to take someone elses body!!! MNMWWWHAHAHAHA!!!" yells kodi and it echoes...
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I walked through the forest. I had been thinking lately. If SHadow had really left, o not. Days ha gotten shorter, and I haven't been talking to anyone for the past four weeks. My life had been falling apart. Where could he be? We searched EggMan's base, but we didn't find anything. I asked Sonic to check the city twice, and still nothing. My corazón fell to the pit of my stomach, ANd then, I just gave up. "He's not coming back, is he?" I asked Knuckles, my eyes watering. he shook his head, and I knew that there was no use trying to find him. But I wouldn't give up hope. That night, I sat on...
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I span my head to see the blue hedgehog and the green zorro, fox who kept on getting closer and closer i got up "can tu tell us your names instead of being creepy and getting closer to us like your minde eating zombies"i dicho angerly. "well that wasen't very nice" dicho the green fox. "your right lime" dicho the blue hedgehog. Speed got up "sorry for my friends rudeness she hasen't met very many people in her life and is very uncomfrtable around strangers...
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"Next on the lista is Marble Garden Zone." dicho Kodi as he was walking. "Then we're here." He looked ahead and saw the ruins with some pools of lava around. "Man, the only way we could get through here is with a debug mode code." Kodi said. "What's that?" "Never mind. Lets go." So with some spinballing, boosting, and going through secret passages. they reached the spot and there they found a white hedgehog with glowing boots and gloves holding the purple emerald. "FOUND YOU!" shouted Kodi, startling the person. Kodi ran towards him but he encased Kodi in some weird green light. "Thats far enough,...
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my name is shadow, shadow the hedgehog i was born and raised on the best friend maria and soon to be my lover.but there was a tragect accident on the ark and the professer died along with maria. its been over 50 years since and i still have nightmares but i have darknees in may soul because of that i never seem to age though i still amor but anyways thats the past itss the año 2025 everyone has aged older and everyone is with everyone leaving me por my self and sonic became a lover with amy they live together but tails is a jerk who always sware he always wants to beat up sonic well see tu siguiente time on shadow cronicles:shadow saves sonic(preview) sonic i will kill u tails st-stop he cut sonic across his stomach o_0
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"Emerald Hill?" pondered Kodi as he looked at his siguiente destination. "Why did I overlook this place?" "Let's just find it already." And with a skip, hop, and spinball later, they found their target. "Damn, that hedgehog is fast, like a blue blur." dicho Kodi. They watched in amazement as their target easily manuvered through tricks and traps. When he stopped for a breather, Kodi took his chance and popped out of nowhere to strike. His kick landed and the suprised hedgehog flew back. "What's your deal?!" he said. "I need your emerald." "Oh, Shadow told me about you. Your Kodi, right? I'm Sonic...
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After Kodi and Jessy check out of the hotel, the go back to the lab where Kodi woke up. "So this is where tu woke up?" Jessy asked. "Yeah, not very welcoming. I wonder if Ashura is still here." Kodi replied. He made his way over to the main computer. "Computer, search: Chaos Emeralds." The computer replied, "Searching... File found." "Display." "Chaos Emeralds: Seven magical gems of different color and almost infinite power. They have been linked to a number civilizations such as the Echidnas and the Babylonians. When all seven have been gathered, they greatly increase the owners chaos powers...
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Iam shade the hedgehog,a abused child,but that all changed when one hedgehog changed my life forever...... it started one día when I was walking inicial from school,I went inicial and showed my parents my reportar bitchy dad held me down and punched me untill i bled. i was sceaming 4 help,but on-one could hear. he threw me in a closet and locked mom just looked... hopelessly confused..i felt like a empty soul in the world. nothing i did impressed him,i mean nothing. 8 hours later of sceaming he opened the door.i walked out...confused. "dont ask any preguntas shade" he said. i just stared at him and walked to my room,locked the door and cried...
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Kodi's theme. Song is originally from the game MadWorld (also por SEGA)

Tears of joy, sadness, and death. We can’t control them, it just happens. Important things that we no longer wish for come to life as one tear is shared another follows. Tears of joy can be shared por loved ones but tears of sadness, depression overlaps your body as tu become one. Crying can be a fuente of pain that just will lead to an empty room filled with hope and desire

A cold night.

The dark shadows Overfilled the hallways as midnight howls took over. Every noiseless sound to come pounded against the walls as a mare child is watching. Staring into an empty el espacio less muro awaiting for her siguiente death to come. Slowley starving herself with gilt, for her lost soul, which she weeps for. Pain would wemb up in her soul por a killers kiss shredding her to pieces the longer she waits. Never to be seen before she still waits, maybe for all año long maybe not who knows.
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Kodi charged at Venom and they began their battle. Venom tried to whip him with her arm, but he grabbed her and pulled her toward him with one powerful yank. When she came in striking distance, Kodi punched her in the face. He picked her up off of the ground and tossed her in the air. He jumped after her and piledrived her back to the ground. She stood and grabbed him with her extended arms, with which she slammed him into the ground. Before she could bite him, Jessy tossed Carnage at her, causing her to drop Kodi. she threw Carnage back to Jessy, but before she could do anything, a kunai attached...
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Kodi guarded his attack and countered, knocking him back. He swung again and knocked Kodi's sword away. He tripped Kodi and pointed his sword at Kodi's neck. "You need practice. I can fix that." he said. He and his friend introduced themselves. The black and yellow hedgehog started, "I am Sheath, Guardian of the Celestial Sword. This is my student, Volt." he pointed to the light blue hedgehog. "He is an orphan I have been caring for for a while." Kodi replied "Nice to meet tu both. I am Kodi the Hedgehog. I am a robot with coping capabilities." "When then maybe you'll graduate quickly." For...
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In A misceláneo Forrest 12:55am
Raven:*waking up slowly*ugh.... my head *gets mirror out* looks like it's another día of.....*noticed something behind her*
Spike:*trys 2 grab raven but misses*
Raven:*runs away & screams* get away!!!
*car zooms in*
Driver:Get IN!!
Raven:*gets in the car*
*car zooms away*
Raven:Thanks 4 saving me i'm just gonna do my make up *looks in the mirror*My Face!!!
Driver:Raven u ok?
Raven:How did u know my name? *relizes something*Crystal?!?!?
Crystal:ya... it's me
Raven:But what happened 2 u?
Crystal:It's hard 2 explain wait ur a agent of GR?!?!
Raven:U 2????
Crystal:*nods at the...
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"What did those files mean? What was that place?" The preguntas haunted Cody's mind as he made his way through the crowded streets. But one word always came to mind "Emeralds." Cody repeated to himself. Just then a news reportar came on the big screen. "The Flying Pirates, as we've come to call them, have struck again. This time they have stolen another Chaos esmeralda from the jewelry store in esmeralda Town." "Chaos Emeralds, huh? Those must be what I'm looking for! I can feel it! I've got to find those Flying Pirates..." The T.V continued, "They were last seen escaping toward Green colina Zone....
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