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Scintillant posted on Nov 29, 2010 at 06:16PM
Attention Shadow the Hedgehog fangirls & girl-posers who THINK they’re Shadow fangirl- -the nutshell is : I’m looking for someone willing to defend their Shadow-drooling-fandom in a fight (a fight w/in a fanfiction, that is…)The requirements are arranged to fit certain necessary elements of the fanfiction.

REQUIRMENTS : A- must know Scourge the Hedgehog & have at least a small, but valid, fancrush on him (however much MORE a fancrush you may have on Shadow…). If you don’t know Scourge is e-mail me o & I’ll send you the data.
B- must be ‘froth-at-the-mouth’ willing to fight over Shadow- -not just : “yeah, I’m totally Shadow fan! He’s-like-better than all them others like-totally-!” You know- -a poser? ‘yeah, like, totally none of YOU, so, like, go screw yourselves <giggle>!’
C- must be my friend (whether I like it or not…& I don’t. I want to hate you all ^-^)

Un-nutshelled explanation : In accidentally coming-happily-across a “would you fall for Scourge’s rape trap?” (find for yourselves on google-it wont take long. You’ll end up on ‘fanpop’...) I saw people making fun of it all & couldn’t resist. While writing my own response, I kept getting a lot of interesting ideas & couldn’t decide on any one in particular, so I decided to make it more interesting. Knowing Scourge, if I got away he wouldn’t give up-he fights to get what he wants even to the very end- -& is too stubborn to acknowledge an “end” at all!. It then becomes a small series of short stories covering a variety of encounters w/ Scourge’s same trap & involving many outsiders: Death Note; InuYasha; FLCL (don’t get too excited, I’m not a pro., so it wont be NEARLY as fun as the show-sorry!); Code Geass; Fullmetal Alchemist; Hellsing; Green Day; Kekkaishi- -& so on. More than one person has involved Shadow in their response to the question-one girl agreed to fall for it “as long as you don’t tell Shadow”, but being a bragger, Scourge of course did & Shadow starts a fight for “sleeping w/ (his) woman” (…not sure I’d call that ‘Shadow’ behavior, but it was cute…!); another had the responding girl-after Shadow’s entrance-demand that Shadow & Scourge “do yaoi”, to which Shadow said “…ok” & Scourge “-what?!”; another had Shadow pop in only to shout ”hey!! I was gonna do that!!”(meaning have sex w/ the responding girl) & Scourge “you snooze you lose!” .How could I NOT involve my sweetheart-lovely Shadow ^-^? The story I ended up writing (w/ the need for another fangirl) involved my unintentional provoking of a friend’s Shadow fandom & results in a fight. Not over something stupid like “who’s the bigger fan?”, just over BEING a genuine fan- -like I said: fight in defense of fandom. The problem I have is…I have no friends. (I have crushes on ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ characters & I’m 25 years old for crying out loud-not to mention I’m annoyingly shy-of COURSE I don’t have any friends…!!). Which brings us to the current situation. I’ve only posted a couple of the stories so far b/c I want to get this out there & over w/. I’m looking for a few places to pin this whole explanation up so as to cover as much ground as possible to try & find a friend who’s willing to fanfictionally beat the crap out of me for even accidentally implying insult to Shadow.
I got so sick of people in life treating me like crap that I HAPPILY gave up looking for friends, but my accursed/beloved Shadow fandom has forced me to take up the stupid ‘quest’ again. The fanfiction requirements demand I be friends w/ this person, so we have to be at least vaguely compatible.
I am as eccentric as I sound & if you think either: “I have better things to do w/ my time” or “this person sounds dumb…who would be friends w/ this?” & it ‘keeps’ you from pursuing my request then you aren’t a REAL Shadow an & I have no use for you-don’t tie up my search. The e-mail listed is a second e-mail to my original, don’t waste my time unless you’re serious- -or have unusual/rare Shadow info…or something funny to say…hm…maybe I should have more self control…look-a kitty-!! <chases kitty b/c of A.D.D.>
If it were for myself: screw it! people suck! Go SUCK yourselves to death, & leave me alone!!
For Shadow: …<sigh>…line up people. To quote the ice-sucky: “suck it like you love it”.
Here’s my e-mail. Let’s get started.

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