shadow el erizo DO tu WANT A PART IN MY FANFICTION?

Sonicfan306444 posted on Feb 05, 2013 at 09:05PM
If you want your own fan fiction character to have a part in my fan fiction, please message me with your characters info like so...
-character picture-
and anything else you'd like to add!
I may message you back discussing certain roles and such. Thanks guys, I hope you enjoy my Fan fiction when its finished! :3

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hace más de un año misshedgehog said…
Name: carrie hopeful
age: 17
gender: female
species: in her normal form she a hedgehog but in her super form she a hedgehog angel
power: can turn into a angel, use light base attacks and a little blood magic witch can kill her if use too much can run but not as fast as sonic or shadow, strong, can fly in angel form
personality: hot headed, hard headed, loner, anger easily, kind hearten to friends
history : carrie never knew much about her past and some days she dont care but wish she knew but hopes she wasn't made by evil and carrie love her adopted angel family and her only friend amy rose
likes: moon and stars, fighting, hanging out with amy, guitars, singing, bolt her pet dog
dislikes: dark, evil, being alone, being hated, found out she was mean evil
weakness: dark, being hated, blood magix
wapons: hand gun, baseball bat, iron pipe, robot arm,
 Name: carrie hopeful age: 17 gender: female species: in her normal form she a hedgehog but in her
hace más de un año SweetCookieable said…
Name: Lilly
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Species: Human tainted with Chaos power
Skills: Power of attraction through the eyes: with prolonged eye contact,makes people succumb to her will;
Resistance to strains, fatigue and wounds;
High level of energy and mental speed;
Good speed in the running and sometimes uncommon strength;
Steel fortitude and imperturbability.
Weaknesses: Terrible outbursts of temper, violent and destructive;
A half impermeability to romance, despite having many friends and being much beloved (returning) her family;
An impossible-to-scratch stubbornness;
A far too explosive temperament.
Sometimes,she becomes too independent and distant from others.
Personality:Once shy and silent, growing has become noisy and companionship, the life of the party and a seductress without too much effort. Soul of the disco, loves being surrounded by friends and demonstrating affection and kindness to those around her, but sometimes her double face comes out, with the need to sit on her own and the desire to be independent. In short,she's the friend of all and the love of anyone. One of her nicknames is "draught of spades",because of her strange attitude towards love:she's a romantic soul but hard to fall in love. She has a strong sense of justice and love nature, and to defend the weak often exaggerates with her new powers and whips with excessive force.She's also untidy.
Alignment: Neutral to Good.
History: Daughter of Victoria and Tobias, the royals of Mobius Grey Kingdom, sister of Molly and Milla, the sweet Lilly is a perfect combination of strength and gentleness, so much that many people fall in love with her, both men and women.One day, thirsty, drinks at the fountain in the center of her royal town,not realizing the strange deposits on the tank bottom. The residue of Chaos Meteorite give her a lot of new powers, healing her myopia and increasing the attraction already exercised on people. But even putting in her an amount of unknown aggressivity and arrogance...
Likes:the little things of life,love,creativity.
Dislikes: Maths,dependence on Others,injustice.
Rougly based on myself.
 Name: Lilly Age: 21 Gender: Female Species: Human tainted with Chaos power Skills: Power of attra
hace más de un año Shadow12234 said…
Name: Melody the Hedgehog
age: 16
gender: Female
species: Hedgehog
powers: Phsychokinesis, Chaos Control, Chaos Blast, Flame Ring, Mystic Melody, Chaos Rift, Able to use Ice, Water and Fire Powers.
personality: Dark in personality, Mysterious, Very Bad Past, Sometimes Fun to be around, Gets in arguments easily, Can beat almost anyone in a fight, Can be loving, Caring and Loyal.
history: Melody is Shadow the Hedgehog's Daughter.. She tries her best to be the best fighter there could ever be. She is almost exactly like her father in attitude.
 Name: Melody the Hedgehog age: 16 gender: Female species: Hedgehog powers: Phsychokinesis, C
hace más de un año shadowsis98 said…
can i?
Name : Aiman
Age : 16
Gender : Male
Species : Demonic Hedgewolf.
Power : Demon Claw (killua-hunterxhunter), Lightning bolt , Super strenght , chaos universe, wind slash,and other chaos powers with the ability like a wolf and turn into a demon.
Personality : Stubborn , protective , loyal , a little naive, quick thinker , mysterious , a bit hyper , very serious sometimes , rarely talks and very tolerable.
History : He's parent was murderer brutally by a demon infront of him when he was 4.He then been adopted by a professional assasin and was train by then. He was named 'The Eyes' by others since when he start a fight his eyes will turn like cat eyes. Very sensitive with nose. Can turn into a demon if he is angry near an emerald. He had no heart rate since his heart was taken by the demon.He ones had a friend but the person betrayed him making him rather hard to trust anybody.
Dislikes : A girl crying and a women that he did not know touches him.
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 can i? Name : Aiman Age : 16 Gender : Male Species : Demonic Hedgewolf. Power : Demon Claw (kil
hace más de un año destinyhunter77 said…
Me please!
Name: Liara Blood
Age: 17
Gender: female
Species: dragonian hedgehog
Power: shape shifting, teleportation(from planet to planet or dimension to dimension), any chaos powers you can think of, and can change into a pheonix form.
Personality: cheerful, but can be downright mean and deadly when mad, very protective of her sister
Weapons: prefers daggers, but can use a sword
History: runaway who left her world(dragonius) with her sister to escape her father King Blood and hopefully save other worlds from the fate of hers. Her mother was killed before her very eyes by her father who wanted to kill the leader of a rebellion(her mother). After killing king blood she and her sister vowed to be guardians of mobius till they died.
Family: one sister(Mariel)
Crush: sonic and/or silver she still needs time to find a 100% trust in them
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 Me please! Name: Liara Blood Age: 17 Gender: female Species: dragonian hedgehog Power: shape shi
hace más de un año LGYCE said…
Name: Ripper
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Hedgehog/Mutant
Power: Can fly with his wings, has a primitive heat vision, uses his retractable claws, has the strength to lift a tank single-handedly, has a ravenous appetite and razor-sharp teeth, has tough, matted fur that is also fire-resistant, can slice through objects with his sharp-edged wings, is an expert in all forms of technology such as hacking, is trained in several forms of combat, and can see in the dark.
Personality: Ripper is a kind creature, who wants to help, but his trust doesn't come quickly. He used to be a bit more naive, but after an incident with Eggman he became far less trusting. He hates evil, and tends to go a bit overboard when he meets someone suspicious or shady. His hatred for Eggman is the strongest, however, and his most important goal is to bring down the Doctor once and for all. Due to this obsession, he is very good friends with Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Omega, and Amy Rose. He isn't so sure about Shadow, but there is a weak friendship that is under development. He has no interest in love at the moment. He has no problem with resorting to physical violence or killing, and uses firearms freely. He loves technology, and is highly adept at using it. He tends to work by himself, but he won't refuse help as long as he trusts the person offering it.
History: Ripper was the 3rd child in a family of 8. His mother was a green hedgehog, and his father was a rebellious Shadow clone. His father was killed by Eggman, and his mother went into hiding and hasn't been seen since. They were caring towards all of their children, and his father was a freedom fighter who trained his children to try and stop Dr. Eggman. Ripper was the most emphatic, and wanted more than ever to please his father. He hated Eggman even further after the death of his father, and tried to become powerful enough to kill him. His gullibility led him to believe that a Shadow Android was actually his dead father, and succumbed to mutation in order to become strong enough to beat Eggman once and for all. The Android was under Robotnik's control, however, and led him to Eggman's lab. The Doctor's purpose was to create a mutated life form that would eliminate Sonic for him, but he forgot the vital part about making Ripper loyal to him. After the mutation, Ripper broke free and learned what he could now do. This was the last straw for him, though, and he then devoted his life to taking down Eggman. Along the way he met Sonic and his buddies, and they started working together on occasion. His brothers help him a lot too, but they have other motives as well.
Family: Father: Shadow clone #17 (deceased) Mother: Katrina Ornell (unknown) Brothers: Arkite (alive), Vyper (alive), Smashblaster (alive), Fyre (unknown), Zarak (deceased).
Disadvantages: Is not too fast, max ground speed is 40 mph, max air speed is 75 mph. He has an amazingly short temper. He doesn't trust easily, and while this is helpful sometimes, it has also caused several possible allies to leave. His fur is tough, but water washes out the protective oil that keeps it that way. He can swim, but still avoids water due to this, and tends to smell like sweat and blood. His mutant oil constantly replaces itself, but if all washed off at once, it takes 20 hours to reach his regular defensive standards.
Weapons: Anything he can find, plus a large dagger he that he built and sharpens by himself.
Likes: People he can trust, his family, technology, food, his powers, fast cars, powerful weaponry, anything sharp, and the color green.
Dislikes: Eggman, anything of Eggman's, evil, strangers, water, traitors, and the cold.
Appearance: Black with green streaks, shoes, and eyes, 3' 9", Large foldable razor-sharp wings, uncovered large hands with retractable claws, pointy ears, 3 unstreaked quills on his forehead, 4 streaked quills on the sides of his head, 3 streaked quills on the back of his head, lots of tiny unstreaked quills on his back, sharp quills on his knees and elbows, green streaks on his arms and down the sides of his back, fuzzy green chest hair, and tough green shoes with black soles, a black stripe from ankle to toes, spikes running along the stripe, and black socks.
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