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segafan posted on Oct 01, 2011 at 12:03AM
I'm going to try to make this my last forum post complaining about fangirls. I recently found very... graphic and sexual pictures on this club. It's sick.

I mean, come on, guys. This club is called Shadow The Hedgehog, not Let's Make Pictures of Nude Shadow! spot. Shadow should be respected, and that's the last thing you people are doing.

I'm going to admit it. I was really obsessed with Shadow once. I was one of those people who claimed that Shadow was "mine". Now, I've matured and found out that Shadow will never be mine, or anyone else's, and that he's also someone you really shouldn't be spazzing over.

Guys, look. link A spot for all of the fangirls who can't control their sexual urges! Now, join, my obsessors, and get the hell out of HERE

This club's past was amazing before a shitload of obsessors came. It was a peaceful club with not that many fights. We'd discuss cool things about Shadow and post cool pictures of him to the Fanpop community. We'd actually want to come here, and we weren't answering every question like, "Who the hell cares? Shadow isn't real and you can't have goddamn sex with him." Good times.

I mean, sure. We'd have a fangirl question here and there, maybe once a month or so, and we answered honestly. "Yeah, I like Shadow's overall design and if I was a Sonic character, I'd definetly have a crush on him." But hell, we can't do that anymore! Usually the questions are, "What would you do if you woke up and Shadow was hugging you and making out with you?" I mean, what the hell is that shit?

Urg. Please, guys. I just wish this spot was back to where it was like a year ago.

Remember, fangirls. There's a spot for all of your fangirliness.

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hace más de un año maddysage said…
yea!!! if we have to fight for the club then we willl!!
hace más de un año maddysage said…
the top word used in this club is sex or sexy it used to be cool or awsome.