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posted by ToxicGummiWorms
Jessica i miss tu so much already
tu were always there for me nd
tu would always try to help someone
Your were por BEST friend in the whole entire world
I remember that time my lil bro told u he
Liked tu nd tu yelled at him. tu never qot
To marry Bruno Mars like tu wanted to
o qet to meet john cena this sunday
But i miss tu nd stealinq my dulces all the time nd
Im also qonna miss u callinq me sammi sweet heart
I can't write anymore im to sad! :'(

Xoxo- Your best frand Sam
posted by KatyLovesYou
dear jessica,
please, tu can't be dead. D': i can't believe that you're gone ): i miss you. i... can't think of anything to say. i'm speechless....... </3
i miss our times together and us hacking each other. tu were a very special friend to me. i wish we talked más ): i amor you. tu made me laugh when i couldn't and.. oh jessica..not you. tu can't be dead. but tu are </3 i hope that tu are in a better place. i remember when we had long conversations about mike and just life ): i miss your hugs and love. please....... come back
i wish r.i.p. could mean: return if possible. bbez, could tu do that?
posted by Hooligan123
Verse 1:

What if things weren't this way. If I was actually glamourus what if I was amazing. What if I had him instead...of you.

Things would be different. tu would be the one in pian. tu would know what heartbreak feels like tu would know what it feels like to be scattered. On the floor tu would know what it's like to feel hideous. But tu better watch out because mabye it might just happen

Verse 2:
What if I was the estrella player ahead of the game. What if everyone screamed my name telling me how perfect and geogous like tu what if tu what if tu end up in the bottom of the shadows watching me shine

(reapet chouruse)

Oooooooo just maybe
posted by Hooligan123
Verse 1: here i am agian tu look toward me but tu cant see me I ll never compare to her she's so beautiful she's so perfect in every way the total opposite of me
tu have broke me tu have scarred me tu have fought me tu will always win tu don t see me because apparently I have the powers of Invisability tu have killed me tu have hurt me but it dont even matter because I have the powers of Invisability
Verse 2:
tu have fallen in live someday tu might even end up with her it breaks my corazón tu dont even know cause I'm not here no one can see me I'm no one just in pain but it don't even matter cuz no one can't even see me

(repeat chorus)
It don't even matter cuz I have the powers of Invisability
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This song is my theme song! :)
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Why tu asking all them question? Making statements? ASSUMMING??????
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