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1.    Call him Snap.
2.    Post Lily and James pictures, videos, picks, links, etc...
3.    Remind him it was always going to be James
4.    Ship Snape and James
5.    Ship Snape and Wormtail
6.    Ship Snape and Voldemort
7.    Ship him with male characters
8.    Poke him and say "bother" for a really long time.
9.    Call him Snivellus.
10.    Ask him how his latest plot to get the Defense Against the...
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Befuddled and Thunderstruck

When an unfamiliar owl arrived at Hogwarts three weeks prior to the start of school, no one noticed.

When Headmaster Dumbledore read the message the unfamiliar owl had delivered, the place was in an uproar. The professors worried about the outcome. The professors tried to reason amongst themselves about this unexpected news. The professors successfully managed to keep this surprise a secret from one certain professor, whom they knew would be greatly affected por this information. The only other individual the professors...
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Entrepreneurs are often called the backbone of the economy. They are policy makers which encourage the growth of small businesses along with creating jobs in the economy. The task and role of entrepreneurship in the market are now considered to be healthy for the economy at large. But what makes it so important?

Successful entrepreneurs like Mr AG Ganguly tend to be naturally competitive. Their ability to think outside of the box, let’s see through many of the easy respuestas which could benefit the industry. The fresh take of entrepreneurs also is a thriving reason for the growth of the economy....
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