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 Severus Snape - The Half-Blood Prince
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Y've never loved someone but you!
I want to say these words,
Yet knowing, tu won't hear me...

Far and high tu live your life,
I'll never be there,
My place is not with you.
I'm sure; tu loved, she was in amor with you,
She was the one I cannot be to you.

Forever tu will be my dream.
I know this hurts me, but tu see...
I cannot change my destiny,
And even if I'll try,
I'll never reach the sky I don't belong to.

You, maybe you'll meet me,
Just one más stranger in your life
Who passes por on a cold night.

tu cannot amor someone like me, I understand...
Without your love, my empty corazón
Is always haunted por your shadow!

Alone and sad, tu seem sometimes to be,
But, no, inspite of time and el espacio between,
I'll always be the one that's near
Your broken heart's - my destiny.
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