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 Behind the scenes of Harry Potter - Alan Rickman
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Throughout the entire Harry Potter series it is dicho that Severus Snape is loyal to Dumbledore, but is Severus truly loyal to him? And does Dumbledore deserve that loyalty.

    I know a number of Potter fans that will agree when I say that, even with all of his flaws, Severus Snape is a substantially loyal character. He remains loyal to Lily Evans-Potter, long after she dismisses him as a friend, and long after she has declared her amor for another. He remains loyal to Albus Dumbledore despite the danger he willingly puts him through , seemingly without caring for the outcome....
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link and I saw something similar at the link, and we just had to get a lista together for Severus as well

1) Take Sirius to the vet to get him neutered.
2) Take Remus to the vet to get him neutered.
3) Hit Sirius with a newspaper on his nose and say “Bad dog!” just because tu feel like it.
4) Introduce Dumbledore's leg to Sirius' new girlfriends as Sirius' ex.
5) Pretend to throw a frisby around Sirius...or Remus (it wastes a lot of their valuable time trying to retrieve a non existent object)
6) Stop with the conspiracy theories and telling everyone Cedric Diggory is “still walking around,...
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