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Chapter One
June 1976
The corridor was dark and breezy as fifteen año old Severus Snape hurried down it, determined in his plan. Unnoticed por him, portraits eyed him keenly as he passed, wondering just what the pallid Slytherin youth was doing jogging down the hallway towards the Gryffindor common room alone so late at night. Although they were all too familiar with the tension and fighting between the two houses, never before had they seen a single Slytherin o Gryffindor rushing off to confront a large group of the other house. It almost seemed suicidal.

The portrait of the Fat Lady loomed...
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posted by ProfSnape
1.    Call him Snap.
2.    Post Lily and James pictures, videos, picks, links, etc...
3.    Remind him it was always going to be James
4.    Ship Snape and James
5.    Ship Snape and Wormtail
6.    Ship Snape and Voldemort
7.    Ship him with male characters
8.    Poke him and say "bother" for a really long time.
9.    Call him Snivellus.
10.    Ask him how his latest plot to get the Defense Against the...
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posted by lilysev1134e
Chapter 2 : Boarding the train on platform 9/34

Severus didn’t see anyone he knew there. Once on the train, he walked past a compartment. He quickly recognised Lily. But she was not alone four boys there too. Their names were James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettegrew.
“Lily come on. Let’s go somewhere else.”. James eyed Severus. They stared for long segundos without breaking eye contact. Something about it looked bad and it was indeed.
When they arrived a Hogwarts, he first years were sorted into their house. The houses were Grffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin....
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posted by xoDRAMIONEox
A boy lost to the darkness, who turned away from the light.
The sallow skinned youth stood in the shadows to fight.
He lost his amor to the darkness he was in
He's biggest regret, his greatest sin.
...It was then he made the switch, he was a changed man
Working against the wicked one and his evil plan
He made a promise to protect the child with her eyes
No one was to know, he would live in disguise.
A double agent, a secret spy, undercover
All because he had loved her
The darkness fell, the good had won
yet it wasn't over, it had just begun
His path was set he had settled had found his way
It was peaceful...
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posted by 11Anime_Fool
It didn't take long for everyone at Hogwarts to find out that Severus Snape and Lily Evans were now an item. They seemed to be attatched to each other like glue. Lily clung to Severus's arm at all times, and it seemed that in light of reciente events Snape had decided to wash his hair, taking away the greasy look everyone had come to know so well. Severus smiled down at Lily, her cheeks a rosey red, the perfect shade to match her hair. They made their way outside, in the deserted corridors, they walked near the whomping willow and Severus brought them to a stop. He pulled away from Lily and faced...
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posted by Spottedpool
The man walked to the school. His black robes billowed behind him. Glancing at the lake, he notices the dark ginger hair against the moon-glistened water. Curious, he walks over to the shape.
When he gets close enough, he sees it is a woman. She doesn't turn around but says, "Hello, Severus." Severus, suprised, stares at her. When he finally regains his composure, he asks,"How did tu know it was me, Lily?"
Lily laughs and points to the water. There, the shimmering reflections of her and Severus stare back at them. Finally, she turns to face him.
Severus is taken aback por her appearence. He...
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 So, Severus, brewing up to no good in the cosmetic/pharmaceutical industry ?
So, Severus, brewing up to no good in the cosmetic/pharmaceutical industry ?
Of course, nobody here ever doubts that Severus Snape is alive. But to what extent ? What does he do for a living ? Where ? How ? Well, these preguntas rose in my mind again no later than this morning.

Here were the circumstances : I was going out of the supermercado and opposite, there's a pharmacy. In one of the windows, in big, an ad for an age care product.

Usually, this type of product does not draw my attention at all. Yet this time, I had to look twice. Here was the text of the ad, spelt in big in the pharmacy window (in French, I translate later) :

Divin Venin
Ssssséduisant !...
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posted by BlackHound
She had arrived that morning, early; Snape watched her from one of the many arched windows and wondered vaguely who she was and why she was there. He hadn't thought about her again until she showed up in Potions class. She was very polite, didn't interfere and didn't ask any questions, though clearly she was interested in the tasks the students were performing. He thought perhaps she was a parent, interested in sending a child to Hogwarts; it was not unheard-of, Magicals overseas opting to send their children here, though he'd never heard of one from her...Nation...attending. But as he studied...
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Chapter 6

Later in the day, Harry, Ron and Hermione came back to Professor Snape’s grave. They remained silent for a moment. Then Harry took a book out from under his robes. “I found it back in the Room of Requirement.” He showed the ‘Advanced Potion Making’ textbook that had belonged to the Half-Blood Prince, and which had been a trusty companion during his sixth year. “Despite the Fyendfire Crabbe has cast in there, the book has been spared. I guess it was protected in that cabinet where I had put it,” he explained. “Poor Snape… He was not even the master of the Elder Wand....
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Note:In the HPvsT spot, a lot of us went around and shared our "anti-Twilight" stories. I found mine to be a very cathartic and relaxing write. It got me thinking: how would I feel if I shared a "my story" thing about something I'm even more passionate about? So, I thought I'd share my "Journey into the Severus Snape fandom" story :) And, to be honest, I feel even better than I did when I wrote my slightly humorous anti story.

So, the Harry Potter series is winding down to an official close. There...
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posted by 11Anime_Fool
Severus counted the days with tick marks on his head-board; forty-eight corazón warming days with his Lily. 1,152 of the most incredible moments of his lifetime. They were big numbers when drawn out...but they felt like only a few segundos to Snape. If he had his way he would spend every waking moment with Lily Evans. He ripped his gaze off the parte superior, arriba of his bed, his hair was a mess, and his green slytherin pajamas irritated his skin from being thrashed around in. Snape had been dreaming, a very risque dream in his opinion, what most people would discribe as inappropriate...But perfectly okay to...
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posted by BlackHound
This is not directed at anyone; if tu take it that way, that's your choice. I'm dealing with some heavy shit right now, I lost a loved one last week, and I just need to vent, and this is as good a place and topic as any.

Again, this isn't aimed at anyone. If you're sensitive, don't read it. If tu do and get bent, well, tu were warned.


I think Severus was smart enough to realize that Lily didn't amor him, but they were friends, first and foremost, and he loved her. It's his amor for her, regardless of how she felt about him, and his guilt over her death that drove him. How many of us...
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It is an honor, nay, a privilege to speak now of my concerns for our beloved Mr.Snape's well being. As he grew up he received quite a handful of unpleasant things, and received an increíble overdose of misfortune. However, just when everything seemed a-okay, his world shattered apart again at the loss of Lily Evans; both as a friend,and colleague. Many people rave about how unfair Snape's life was, ans how it wasn't what any human would've bargained for (You may recall that he once dicho "Life isn't fair"), but have the Snape ravers ever stopped to consider that there is so much about Severs...
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Chapter Three

The Slytherin common room had been a horrid place for Severus to be the last week of school. He, Avery, and Crabbe had been dado detention every night with Slughorn. Severus wasn't sure what Avery and Crabbe's punishment had been – Slughorn had been adamant about keeping them all separated as much as possible – but, judging por the nasty looks and cheap shots Avery had been throwing, it couldn't have been anything good. Luckily, he was never hit where it showed, so there had been no awkward preguntas from Lily and no interrogations from Slughorn who, as far as Severus could...
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posted by LadyLilith
I was going to put this in the enlaces section,but I wanted to focus on the lyrics itself,not the actual song.

***(Beast):Remember the first dance we shared?
Recall the night tu melted my uglyness away?
The night tu left with a kiss so kind
Only a scent of beauty left behind
(Belle):Ah, dear friend I remember the night
The moon and the dreams we shared
Your trembling paw in my hand
Dreaming of that northern land
Touching me with a kiss of a beast
(Beast):I know my dreams are made of you
Of tu and only for you
Your ocean pulls me under...
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It's not mine i found it here link

1. Make him take a shower.

2. Make him use shampoo in aforementioned shower.

3. Make him use clarifying shampoo.

4. Apparate siguiente to him, hand him a tube of super-strong facial cleanser, then quickly Disapparate before he realizes what happened.

5. Enchant this cleanser to follow him around until he uses it.

6. ...enchant the cleanser to follow him around anyway.

7. Tell him tu estola his teddy bear.

8. Tell him tu won't give it back until he agrees to wash his hair.

9. When he washes his hair, tell him tu were just kidding and dicho teddy oso, oso de has already...
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hola guys.. i wrote this a night ago.. hope you'll like it..
Its something that Severus would probably thought when he remembers lily..

There were times that i cant help myself,
Every moment im alone I think of you..
there were also times that i wonder,
Are tu thinking of me too?

From the moment you're gone
There's no reason to cry..
The feelings i try so hard to hide,
Still my heart, deep inside it finds..

I'll wish to the stars
once más you'll amor me..
I'll wish though it darkens
my only way to you..

Your memories that's faded..
Will i only embrace in heaven?
It makes me wonder where tu are..
It makes...
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posted by fanofh2o
"So what do tu want to do today?" asked Snape to Lily. They were walking down an empty corridor on a sunny Sunday afternoon. "I don't know whatever tu want" replied Lily. I wish we could, thought Snape, for he wanted to kiss her so badly. kiss tu thought Lily at the same time. They walked for a minuto the only sound was their footsteps. Then James, Sirius, and Lupin turned the corner. "Oh great" muttered Snape. "Look guys, it's Snivellus and Lily. Why is a beauty like tu friends with a beast like him" James almost yelled. "Because he's not a jerk like you," Lily dicho calmly back to him....
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posted by Lady_Hamilton
Welcome True Believers!!! We need más people to registrarse the revolution to keep Severus Alive!!! Its an LJ community! Pass it on to other Snape-ists alike.

Okay so whether o not tu believe he is dead, Severus will always live in our hearts. So take a picture of yourself with a little sign saying...Severus Snape Lives!(Or something similar) and post it on the community to mostrar your support/respects for Severus.

Perhaps with enough support from the fandom itself we can consider Severus not to be dead. Perhaps even turn it into canon. A very revolutionary idea on its own, a dream even, but who cares.

Help the Revolution!

Long Live the Prince!

Clickity Click on the link below


posted by bri-marie
Just a little one-shot I wrote while listening to Faith Hill's Like We Never Loved At All. Set during Sev's 7th año at Hogwarts :)
You never looked so good
As tu did last night . . . .
There, walking with your friend
Laughing at the moon . . .

The quarter moon was bright and high. Between it and the reflection off the lake, the entirety of the Hogwarts grounds was bathed in a silvery light. Two figures – one tall and masculine, the other smaller and más feminine – strolled confidently...
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