__snape's tale__

there was a dark castle
a prince it hides inside..
under his black cloak
a crying child you'll find

he's not bad
just mysterious,
never will trust,
he's all suspicious.

he's so sad
and so unspoken,
with too much love
his corazón was broken..

behind your eyes,
he'll cast a spell,
to know the truth
your memory will tell..

his amor potion
he wont even use
accept it o not,
his charm tu cant refuse..

behind his stares
that nearly stabbed,
are those special looks
that i almost grabbed..

when lupin is a werewolf,
and he is a prince,
what would tu prefer,
a bite o his glimpse?

he seemed to hate harry
but no, he really cares,
remember when hermione,
flamed his clothes under the stairs?

he moves his hair
as if he was a model,
but where he'd rather be
is there in lily's cradle..

those eyes that shame
the blade of a knife..
those words we'll remember
even after his life..

those black clothes
he wear under the sun..
those spells he casts
that shot hardly like a gun..

this poem would be long
like the sorting hat's new song,
let's just hope its worthy,
it kindda drove me crazy..

they used to call him "snivellus"
they loved bullying him at school,
they never thought he'll be marvelous,
never knew he's not a fool..

because of his pride,
he sadly lost lily..
how could the pain subside,
when he had loved her dearly?

a healing spell in his corazón let him cast,
let him forget the grieving days..
let him forget his amargo, amargos past,
on our little hermione's sweet face..

i think i'd amor to be in his detention,
bit im afraid he might be his obsession..
and yes he affects my every decision,
because of that charm in his possession..

you're the good and you're the bad,
you're the lover, and you're the sad,
you're unhappy and tu are mad..
tu are the greatest thing the story ever had..

hard like a rock,
but a arco iris is inside,
a poker-faced guy,
with a soft corazón behind..

he wanted to be loved,
and yes, we all amor him..
hola snape, stop frowning,
i'd amor to see tu smiling .. :D