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What are the biggest mistakes tu discovered with the Severus Snape dubbing voices and translations?

For example in the english version of the last part of Harry Potter Severus Snape dicho to Harry 'You have your mothers eyes'.
In German he dicho 'Du hast die Augen deiner Mutter, Harry.' That means, that they have added 'Harry' at the end of the sentence, what in reality would have been to personal (when I got that right, in the cine Snape never called Harry just Harry) and never was mentioned.
To the dubbing I must add, that the german vioce of Snape in the last cine was choosen much más better than in the first two movies.
 snapeinmymind posted hace más de un año
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LadyNottingham said:
I don't like the dubbing in French. Not that the French actor dubbing Alan Rickman was not good - but it was just not 'him'. Alan's voice is so special, so unique, that I doubt it can be dubbed adequately. That's why I watch all his cine (not the HP cine only) in original version.

All the times Severus (well, Alan) opens his mouth to speak, it's perfection made sound. But there are two times when I get particularly... let's say... aroused :

- in the Great Hall scene, in the last movie, when Severus makes his speech about Harry being sighted in Hogsmeade. He ends it with "... now !" I must confess that every time I hear o read that word 'now', I can't help thinking about him !

- in the HBP, in the Spinner's End scene, when Severus tells Bella to "put it down, Bella, we mustn't touch what isn't ours'. I've always thought that Severus is a very possessive wizard. When I heard him say that (and the way he did of course), I gasped ! My dream come true ! I had to focus a lot to get back into the movie...

Well, these are my impressions over his voice. As a singer, I'm very sensitive to voices in general and his in particular is just so... well, tu see what I mean. Alan is an exceptional actor because pretty much like a singer can, he can play with his voice to convey many feelings and/or emotions.
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posted hace más de un año 
His voice is beautiful to me to. I have a lot of cine at inicial and some of them have only the german dubbing vioce on it. Some are rare, not easy to get for fans, and the dubbing is horrible! I'm searching for truly, madly deeply for years now. Would there ever be the chance to get it?!
snapeinmymind posted hace más de un año
Try - I'll buscar that way to get my hands on "Galaxy Quest". I saw a few excerpts on the net and it was great. I saw "Closet Land", as well as "Mesmer" and "Rasputin", the 3 cine were on YouTube ! But for sure, if I could have them at home, that would be better.
LadyNottingham posted hace más de un año
@snapeinmymind ,Truly Madly Deeply FULL MOVIE online : link
forsnape posted hace más de un año
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