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In your personal AU, how do tu and Professor Snape meet, and what, if any, words are spoken?

It's in a library. I'm doing research for my paper, "Folktales and Cultural Narratives: The Stories We Tell About Ourselves." In reality, it's "The Kardashians: Will This Menace Ever End?" He sees this and says something to the effect that while the K sisters are annoying, he wouldn't go so far as to declare them a menace. A lively conversation follows.
 jester616 posted hace más de un año
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lilysev1134e said:
Well we met accidently. I was lectura while working which was reallt stupid at the time. Went round the coner and I walked into him. I looked up and dicho " Oh sorry Sir I wsn't looking where I was going." He just looked down and smiled at me uncomfortably.
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posted hace más de un año 
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