"Your not from around here are ya?"Koga asked in asurance.
As I walked throughout the forest i noticed that there was an odor forming from my sopping wet clothes.I decided to find a river o an inn before the sun would set..

to my surprise I found a spring just north of the playa i washed up on.As i undressed i noticed a birthmark that i had forgotten about.It was not an ordinary birthmark, it was a purple estrella that was placed upon the underside of my wrist which was surrounded por two blue stripes.

I slowly slipped into the water but it wasn't even 5 minutos before i heard some men talking and lobos barking comeing from some bushes in front of me.
"Thank tu so much Koga for letting us take a bath!"One annoying sort of smooth voice dicho greatfully.
"Yeah! We were really starting to smell!"Another very different voice that i cannot describe said.
"Calm down! Both of you!God! dont get yourselves too comfortable 'cause once its morning were going after Naraku's head got it?" A surprisingly deep satisfying voice yelled.

Quickly i tried to get out but i couldn't find a place to hide so i got back in the water.All of a sudden a huge dark brown lobo tackled me and began barking.I quickly yelped in shock.
"What the hell is going on?"The deep voice yelled.
The three men stepped out of the trees.one of them had short white spikes for hair and another had short black hair with a tuft of white at the front.Then the third stepped out who had long black hair tied up in a "tail" he had peircing blue eyes too. They were covered in pelaje, piel pelts and had chest plates for some armor.If they had been in France they wopuld have been executed for exhibiting so much bare skin!

They stood there somewhat blushing.
"Whoa..." the one with spikes dicho for a brief moment.I through a rock at his head as i screamed.He fell to the ground
"Would someone please get me my clothes?!"I yelled parinoid.
"Uhhhh...."The one with the long black hair said.Oh! and dont worry luckly the dog stayed still so i was covered.
"do tu want me to throw a rock at tu too?!"I yelled which snapped him out of it.
"Ummm uh Ginta get her clothes!"He ordered.
"Huh?What?Oh! Right Koga!"Ginta the one with the tuft of white hair in his mess of black hair went and started sniffing around and found my clothes.While the other follower stood up dizzly.
"So who are you?"Koga dicho with a puzzled face.
"Im Anna Marie Lott.And tu are?"I dicho bravley for at the time i was so scared that the lobo would rip me to shreds.
"Im koga leader of this lobo tribe."He dicho proudly.
"But your just a teenager!How could tu be a leader when your probably not even 20?"I dicho bewildered.
He was shocked and puzzled.
"here tu go."Ginta dicho as he handed me my clothes.
"Your not from around here are ya?"Koga asked in asurance.
"No im not.."i dicho quickly slipping my shimmy on while they looked away.

When i got done dressing i then questioned them about who they were and where they came from.After that they invited me to come with them for the siguiente few days until we reached a village. I agreed and we went on walking through the forest in the deep blackness of the night...