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 CHACE & BLAKE !!! <3 <3
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Nate see Serena again at blair's engagement party. he's with Raina and Serena's alone dateless.once in the crowd Raina excuse herself to talk to someone,Serena saw him alone so she approate him..

"hey" she dicho bump his shoulder to her
"hey S" he dicho with small smile looking at her
"so tu and raina..serious now?" she ask not really looking at him.
"well if serious means i amor her yes." he respuestas looking far into the crowd.he cant look at serena while saying he's in amor with other girl surely serena will notice that its a lie.
"wow thats good..yeah really im happy for tu nate" she says casually...
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Hey there NSers! It's me ELLA! I forgot that I wrote this articulo in my TUMBLR(I havent opened my TUMBLR in ages) and I just wanna share it to u... I know it's a bad article, really... It's an old one sorry... Tell me if u hate it but please say it nicely....

Serena and Nate, “THE GOLDEN COUPLE” they say. I agree to that because they are the couple that is bound to happen. Many people have shipped for them since season 1. And as for season 1, we know that whenever they see each other, they just do the “eye sex” and they can’t be with each other because Nate is in a relationship with...
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 Because they belong together - before the start!
Because they belong together - before the start!
okay.. i got annoyed of all those annoying things dicho por Serenate hates.. so i'm going to say why it's not true xD

Serena was a perra when she was with Nate
Thank tu writers! i agree on this! but i wasn't because of Nate o them.. but because of her really annoying Dad! so thanks writers for bringing him into the mostrar while tu finally are giving us Serenate! i don't think that Josh ship Serenate!

 Hug and I love(d) tu PWNS!
Hug and I love(d) tu PWNS!
They came out of no where
DERENA came out of no where! Chuck was an culo to S and out of no where Dan is there and trying to be cool and everything (he's...
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