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Article by mizmichella posted hace más de un año
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I heard from a source(Jasmin Linds) that Selena Gomez has fans that are Sel-Crazy. One girl
named Taylor(age 21) went to a concierto in 2011 and overheard rumours about selena staying to sign autograpphs.Taylor was the only person waiting on selena. She waited in the parking lot until no car o limo was in sight. She then, disapionted, left home.

Jasmin Linds also recalls the día she heard a mom tell her kids (Tania age 5, Masha age 7,Olia 10 and Katya age 12)that they were going to meet Selena Gomez the siguiente week.
Masha,Olia and Katya were convinced that they were really going to meet her while Tania held back her emotions until the día finally came. But it didnt. The mother of the poor 4 children lied.

They kids were dado tickets to Selena's concierto in 2011 at the very last row at the back and ballons. The balloons popped and the tickets were lost.

The kids ran away from inicial with comida and water.
It was summer. They went to the concierto and begged to be let in. they got kicked out.