There are a couple of things that I find annoying, concerning this series.

no 1. "Ooh, my life is soo dramatic and sad. It sucks to be me, cuz I get constant attention from very hot guys. Life is so unfair."

I think tu see the problem with that, right? I mean, yeah, I get that people are interested in this series because of the dramatics, but when I take a moment and actually think about it, guys like Ritsu, Chiaki, and Kisa have nothing to complain about. They have semes(very attractive ones, mind you) that completely adore them, and want nothing más than to lavish them with attention. If I were in that sort of position, I'd feel like I was on parte superior, arriba of the f**king world, I'll tell tu that much.

no 2. Kisa's baby face.

I mean... WTH? I mean, everytime I see his face I think: "It's a trap!" He's 30, yet he looks like he's in his late teens! What's the deal with that? He must come from a family with some damn good genetics, cuz that's just freaky. It makes me wonder if the people around me are actually as old as they look... <.< >.>

no 3. Takano's rape tactics

I'll admit, while the rest of us find it sexy, do tu really think that's the best way to win back Onedera? How about inviting him over for a simple drink? o sending him a thoughtful e-mail? I know it's to keep the audience entertained, but in real life, Ritsu probably would have called the cops, o kicked Takano in the groin por now. Assault is still a crime folks.

Well, anyways that was just something I wanted to get off my chest. Please don't take anything tu read here seriously. I know I shouldn't get worked up so much over anime shows, but sometimes I can't help it. If tu actually read this thing all the way to the end, tu deserve a cookie. ^^