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scarletunicorn dicho …
The jungle book trailer looks awesome! I loved the moment when they played the Bare necessities instrumental. While i'm still not convinced with some of the casting choices, it does look más promising than the first trailer. publicado hace más de un año
scarletunicorn dicho …
This club is mostly up bc i'm escritura a story as of now and i want some positive feedback (constructive criticism is welcomed, but please no hate/flames like "I DON'T LIKE YOUR STORY tu SHOULD MAKE IT SO I LIKE IT" cause some folks act "special" like that, and i didn't want to flood the DP club with this non-Disney thing, yet... publicado hace más de un año
UnholyNoise comentó…
let's see it! hace más de un año
big smile
wavesurf dicho …
So...here I am. lol. publicado hace más de un año