Rina Suzuki (Drums & Vocals)

Born: August 21, 1991

RINA, the youngest among the group and serves as the drummer. A girl that always has a smile painted on her face when performing – mostrando that performing and música is nothing but love. She’s also a cheerful and bubbly person as seen in their live interviews with the reactions she shows. Also among the 4 of them, she is the most active in their blog, making sure that fans is always updated to her and the group.


• Can also play the piano. Been playing it since she was 3 years old.
• Knows how to cook.
• Has two sisters and a smaller brother, she's the eldest. Her youngest sister is named Suzuki Natsuna(鈴木夏菜).
• Last member to registrarse the group.
• dicho once in an interview that she doesn't know any boy's number.
• Wanted to be called RINAX.
• Would amor to work at McDonald's, a bar, o a Maid Cafe because she wants to try serving people at a restaurant.
• Likes fantasía and romantic movies
• Collects bath salts
• She loves Bagel.
• She likes Soymilk, specially fresa and almendra flavors. She prefers it over té o juice.
• She would like to fecha a guy who plays the guitarra well. guitarra pose she likes.
• Believes in aliens
• Named her drums Angelina/Angie