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 Being Pro-Life
Being Pro-Life
"What is a rose without its thorns?"
- All things beautiful have dark sides to them (and not all of these dark sides are wicked o evil).

"Gather the sharpest tooth and the sturdiest hammer if tu choose to do so....but tu will never make yourself an entrance to my mind."
- My mind is private, and it will stay that way for a little while. :)

"Blood symbolizes not only a beating heart, but a sincere one."
- If tu look at a few morbid poems here and there, tu might see a line where the autor describes his/her soul 'bleeding'. I always thought that the blood of the soul was a sign of immense emotions....
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1. Follow my dreams!
2. Accomplish my long-term goals
3. Stand up for people who are being cyberbullied on Fanpop; if someone thinks it's cool to go and attack a defenseless person, well let's see if they think they're cool enough to try to do that s**t with me ^_^
4. Cherish my friends, because they are the ones who evidently understand me
5. Not lose my temper
6. Never judge someone over his o her opinion (unless they are extremely rude opinions)
7. Finish something I have been working on for quite some time (Can't say what it is, yet...)
8. Become exceedingly tolerant
9. Not get in trouble with the police
10. Not be so cocky about the number of fans I have
11. Bring out people's true colors, o make their true colores evident
12. Talk with my fanpop friends a little more
13. Get all the people I want at my party to actually come to my party, lol.
14. Keep this club going
15. To just be ME!!!
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Okay, so if someone were to ask me the one thing my life acutely depends on, I'll immediately say my music. :)
I amor música to no end. It's almost everything to me. When I'm having a día where almost every person I know makes me feel endlessly alienated, the one thing that I can always fully relate to is music.
I could seriously go on and on, so I'll gladly get to the point of escritura this articulo now. :)

Well, I've been bored lately, so of course I was listening to my music. Then, I came up with the idea of escritura an articulo where I could see if I can lista all of my favorito! rock bands...
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I've had this fanclub that's dedicated to me for quite some time, and there's not a lot of activity going on here. So, I've decided to spend some time here. After all, it's my club, I'm surrounded por my closest friends here. I won't be judged cruelly, and it's like a Breather-Zone for me (prop me if tu want to know what I meant por that). So, here's my first contribution here; 19 facts about me.

1. I am currently fifteen, I will be fifteen in a half on February 14th, therefore making my birthday August 14th. :)
2. I am rarely a people's person....I'm possibly the shyest person anyone would know....
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Kidneythieves' "Before I'm Dead".....
i amor my música
before i'm dead
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Just más frases I came up with that are based on my perspective on...overall life itself, really. Here they are! ^_^

"Life is a Blood Sport; strength versus weakness, beauty versus ugliness, coldness versus emotions, vanity versus depth, ignorance versus awareness and wisdom. There are never truly humans against animales in the sport of Life....mainly because in truth, men are animales as well."
-I believe this saying explicates itself pretty nicely.

"When a corazón is broken, eventually it will heal. If broken again, the corazón tries to heal. If it breaks a third time, the corazón tries hard against...
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"When all hope is gone....that is the time to sit back, relax, and let yourself mostrar tu otherwise."
-When I begin to rarely, RARELY lose hope, I just smile, lay back, and let my mind mostrar me the truth; there's no way in Hell I can give up XD

"Sometimes, the one thing worse then Death is giving up."
-When there's something unboundly significant in your life that tu cherish más then anything and want to accomplish, the worst thing tu can ever remotely do is to give it up..

"The most successful coping tools are a paper and a pencil."
-This should speak for itself =)

"Sometimes the animal is not...
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Okay. Rarely, do I ever think of an idea for a poem. poesía was never one of my best ideas, but somehow this one came to me....

I’m aching here
I’m bleeding there

Pain strikes within
My every more

And there’s
I Can
To Make It

The tears roll down my face
And freeze there quickly
And stay until the time comes
Where they are no longer frozen
And begin to stream down again

My hurt was bottled up
But someone broke the bottle
And now it’s
And there’s nothing
I Can
To Heal Myself

I’m stuck in a world
A world too unbearable
To live
To breathe
To smile

A world where everyone
Is like a...
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i just wanted to write an articulo to let tu know how much your friendship means to me and thank tu for being such an awsome friend.

tu are one of the nicest people i know on here tu always see every side of a debate and work really hard to keep things peaceful on fanpop. (which can be a hard task). tu never say anything mean about anyone o to anyone. tu never judge anyone.

your a sweet,kind,wonderful,caring,courteous,
helpful,warmhearted individual and i'm so happy and proud to call tu my friend.

thank tu so much for being so kind and such an amaing friend tu make my fanpop experince a million times better

just wanted tu to know that your special to me and thank tu for being such an amazing friend
bye for now
your friend,
Evanescence's "Bleed".....
i amor my música
Born Bad - Sylvia Likens story....
deadly women
favorito! televisión shows
sylvia likens
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