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la elección de los fans: Pyrrha Nikos
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RWBY muro

BB2010 dicho …
I saw the RWBY 6 premiere in theaters yesterday and it was amazing!
The animación (now going to be a mix of 2d and 3d) was smoother
The fights were choreographed better and más fun to watch compared to season 5
The banter and jokes we saw in the first 3 seasons are finally back
All the characters played a part in the premiere instead of just standing around o being there

Downside is they didn't mostrar the new opening but just gotta wait one más día for that so that's fine. publicado hace 5 meses
LBShire dicho …
Hi guys!
I have noticed that the Rooster Teeth club on fanpop is pretty dead which is unfortunate since the RWBY and RUB clubes have a lot of fans. So I have been adding a lot of stuff to the Rooster Teeth club to make it más welcoming.
Please check it out! publicado hace 7 meses
MaryZaki comentó…
Ok i'll check it out hace 7 meses
alinah_09 dicho …
Volume 3 Turn-down Reaction: HOLY MOTHER OF- GODDANGIT MERCURYYYY!!!!
>NOOOOOO...!!! PENNY....!!! SHE WAS MY favorito! SIDE CHARACTER...!!!! D:
>WHOA! NEOOOO!!! BLOWN OFF AGAAAAINN...!! (Team Rocket,bruh) *Roman does his speech*Yeah...okay Roman... *get's eaten* pfft...that's actually kinda funny...wait...now that he's gone...DANGIT!
>Nononononono....Don't tu dare---!!! AGH FREAKIN' PHYRRAAA!!!!

[Safe to say, most of my reactions for this season were of anguish. ;-;] publicado hace más de un año
alinah_09 comentó…
*reactions for Yang and Penny multiplied even más because of apparent foreshadowing. (i.e. Ruby's "break a leg" remark...) hace más de un año