Rory and Jess New Spot Banner

georgiapeach91 posted on May 31, 2010 at 02:35AM
Okay, so I think we all want some change for the spot, so if you're a talented art maker and want to make a banner for the spot come submit it here, and I will take all the entries and put them in a pick so the fans can vote. I've already seen some really great ones in the fan art section :)


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hace más de un año nevermind606 said…
big smile
Here's mine. :)
 Here's mine. :)
hace más de un año georgiapeach91 said…
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It's Gorgeous!
hace más de un año epicdelena4ever said…
^^ that should def be the new banner!
hace más de un año swimchick said…
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I agree, Kristin's is PERFECT!