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unfair_love posted on Jul 11, 2008 at 12:08AM
Hey! I know that you ALL will hate me for asking these questions but here we go

Q.#1 Who do you think treated Rory the best Dean, Jess, or Logan?

Q.#2 Who is most conpadable for Rory?

Q.#3 Who was the sweetest to Rory (Sweetest being Giving preasents, Kissing her when she did nothing, ect)

Q.#4 do you hate me for asking these Questions?

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hace más de un año unfair_love said…
ok for me for Q.#1 (PLZ DONT HATE ME!!!!!) Dean
Q.#2 Jess
Q.#3 I'm not sure... my mom and i bought only up to season 3... and somehow only 2 dics of season four :/ wierd!
Q#4 I dont hate myself! ;)
hace más de un año georgiapeach91 said…
#1 I also think Dean treated Rory the best, as much as I hate to admit it.
#2 Jess! They were meant to be
#3 Not positive, but I think Jess was the most affectionate towards Rory. Well, in my mind he is :D
#4 Oh, I could never hate you!
hace más de un año mollyx365 said…
Q.#1 Dean but he is so annoying.

Q.#2 Jess of course

Q.#3 i must say jess

Q.#4 definitely not
hace más de un año roryandjess4eva said…
Q#1 i hate to say it but... dean yuck :P
Q#2 JESS all the way!
Q#3 jess!
Q#4 no of course not!
hace más de un año caiti21 said…
One, prolly dean... that doesn't mean he's the best boyfriend though. And Rory kind of treats all three of them like crap

Two, No question, Jess.

Three, Logan's Rocket was pretty great. But Jess did anything and everything to try and get her. And maybe Milo is just that great an actor, but Jess always looked at Rory differently than Logan and Dean.

Four, course not!
hace más de un año Gilmore_Lover said…
Q#1:I'm going to have to say Dean as much as i want to say jess.
Q#2:Jess of course
Q#3:Jess is the one who knows rory the best so i think that he would give her a awesome book to read.
Q#4:No way i don't hate u. :]
hace más de un año unfair_love said…
Dean >:<



I kinda like myself!
hace más de un año dolphin8 said…
1. people you don't remember that dean dumped her in front of everybody ? he's a total jerk, and when he made that scene @ Chilton because of Tristan ?he treated Rory like **** and many more just because he built a car and gave her a bracelet that does not make him the best BF ever, honestly, so my answer is Jess, he did everything good.
2. you mean compatible ? JESS
4. we
hace más de un año AnnaK said…
.#1 Who do you think treated Rory the best Dean, Jess, or Logan?
i have to agree: i would go with dean, but jess and logan didn't treat that bad either...

Q.#2 Who is most conpadable for Rory? jess or logan

Q.#3 Who was the sweetest to Rory (Sweetest being Giving preasents, Kissing her when she did nothing, ect) again tough choice between logan and jess

Q.#4 do you hate me for asking these Questions? nope why would I?
hace más de un año Bubbly131 said…
big smile
1. Jess
2. Jess
3. Jess
4. No
hace más de un año CelestialDream said…
Q1. Gonna have to go with Dean on this one.

Q2. Jess, They just had this real special connection with each other.

Q3. Jess again, Logan bought her stuff but he was rich so it was no big deal for him to spend his father money, Dean was sweet also but it was just different with Jess, and he never gave up on her.

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hace más de un año dodgerfan said…
Q. n. 1: it's too easy respond Dean but at the least Jess who the one was really devoted to her..who knows her better and who changed for i have to say Jess.

Q. 2: No questio. Jess absolutely !
Q. 3: Once more i have to say Jess. He gave her the most precious present..a book he had written thank to her..a wonderfull way to thanks her for the belief she had been always in him..A great act of love..Jerk Logan that in a so difficult moment for her gave her a birkin ! Or a stupid rocket (nobody what means ??)..

Q. 4 no of course !
hace más de un año brucas_naley101 said…
1.Jess- he was so sweet 2 her...or @ least tried to be
2.Jess- they r soulmates!!!
3.Jess- he gave her a book(his), love, concert tickets... etc
4.No- y would I
hace más de un año LiteratiLove said…
1. Jess - dean broke up with her in public TWICE and Logan cheated on her hard core.
2. Jess - hence my username!
3. Jess
4. nah
hace más de un año clois222222 said…
4.yes but it's nothing personel i hate every body.
and i agree with literati love
hace más de un año swimchick said…
I'm soooo appreciating all the Jess love! My three best friends watch GG too and two of them were Logan fans so there were many heated debates.
1. Jess for sure, Logan expected her to be someone she wasn't, Dean dumped her for not saying I love you, then again in public, AND he made her the other woman.
2. Compatible? Jess for sure, NO QUESTION. I don't even feel like I have to justify that.
3.Jess ("basket, basket-maker, guy who didn't bring enough money"
4. I only hate Dean ;)
hace más de un año jess-rory said…
1. Dean.......... ...... ......
3. Jess, cause im not even sure Logan meant what he meant when he gave her the rocket o-o
4. Nup :)
hace más de un año leytonfaan_18 said…
1. Dean probably..

2. Jess! xD

3. Defiently Jess! :)

4. Nope :D
hace más de un año Nicklin said…
#1 Dean :)
#2 I'm the only one who thinks this but - Dean! I loved dean.. Why did they have to break up? :(
#3 Hrm I hate to say this but Jess. (Hate him!!)
#4 Nope, I was searching for a question like this :P
hace más de un año epicdelena4ever said…
jess jess jess and JESS! lmaooo