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I'm taking a psychology class at school and I need to write a paper on a public figure. Can somebody confirmar for me that RDJ has Bipolar Disorder o is this just a rumor. Any info. to the degree of his diagnoses is appreciated.

 mint3465 posted hace más de un año
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SoccerRox19 said:
Yes he does
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posted hace más de un año 
fudgins said:
Yes, he's got Bipolar.
I read quote por Mel Gibson, who is a close friend of Robert, who dicho something like:
"One segundo he can be up and smiling, the siguiente he gets depressed por something that crosses his mind, but deep down he's a good man."

Also in an interview the journalist was seated with Robert and Susan, and there's a fly in the room. Robert then puts it on himself to free the insect out the window, and he gets so agitated that he runs around the room with cup in hand chasing the tiny fly.

I found the last example quite funny when I read it.
He truly is something unique.
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posted hace más de un año 
mvbbanks said:
Ok. WOW!!! Sorry to say, but that's a definite rumor. Where did tu hear that?
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posted hace más de un año 
Yes I believe it is. It was just a media beatup from what I heard.
fbuck posted hace más de un año
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