Roald Dahl What is your favorito! song in "Charlie and the chocolate Factory"?

Pick one:
The Welcome Song (Parody of &# 34; Small World&# 34;)
The Welcome Song (Parody of "Small World")
Augustus Gloop (Parody of Ester Williams&# 39; swimming...
Augustus Gloop (Parody of Ester Williams' swimming number)
Vilot Beauregarde (Parody of Jackson 5&# 39; s &# 34; Dancing...
Vilot Beauregarde (Parody of Jackson 5's "Dancing Machine")
Veruca Salt (Parody of The Byrds&# 39; &# 34; Turn Turn...
Veruca Salt (Parody of The Byrds' "Turn Turn Turn")
Mike Teave (Parody of Queen&# 39; s &# 34; The Bohemian...
Mike Teave (Parody of Queen's "The Bohemian Rhapsody")
All of the above
All of the above
None of the above
None of the above
 BuddyBoy600alt posted hace más de un año
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