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If tu were wondering about SilverStream's death and blood, this is your article! SilverStream fell in amor with GreyStripe after rescuing him from a rushing river. SilverStream decided to have their kits even if they were two different clans. When it started, there was something wrong. There was blood everywhere! Let me explain that. Kits are held inside a bag in the body. There is a tube connected to it that gives all the nutrients to make the kits grow. Sometimes the tube breaks and the kits come out to soon, tu also bleed. SilverStream's broke very fast, into two. She died from that because...
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Petalfur padded to Leopardstar's guarida, den and peered in. She had been warned multiple times that Leopardstar ought to know before it became too obvious.

She pushed at the liquen hanging from her leader's den. "Leopardstar," she called softly. She nosed her way inside at her Valiente leader's call for entrance. "Leopardstar, it's Petalfur. I thought you'd want to know something...I'm expecting kits."

Leopardstar looked up. "That's good," she declared instantly. "RiverClan needs kits. But you've recently come inicial for a journey...I would appreciate knowing who the father is."

Petalfur dipped her head. "Reedwhisker...
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