We need to talk Jack
Finally chapter three ;)

(Trinity's p.o.v)

Trinity here, after we found out Pitch has returned. I got a sick feeling in my stomach if he found me things would not be good. After that me Jack returned home, we saw our good friend Jamie (who's friends were also with him) he noticed us and waved us over. I looked at Jack and dicho "come on." He dicho "alright, I'm a coming." We flew over and landed, Jamie asked "wanna registrarse in our snowball fight?" Jack replied "of course." I saw him bent down to pick up a snowball, he threw it at Jamie and then it was chaos. When I was about to throw, I heard barking. Pippa asked "am I the only who heard barking?" I dicho "I heard it too." Jack grinned and dicho "look." A brown husky arrived, the thing about him was he was also part wolf. His name is Balto. I ran over to him and hugged him, I dicho "Balto so good to see you." He replied "it's good to see you." He walked with me over to my friends and brother. I dicho "everyone, this is Balto." He looked at everyone, and stared at Jack. Something told me they wanted to talk but alone. So our friends and I left, when I was leaving I left like I saw being watched when I turned around Pitch was there staring at me, grinning slyly. Then everything went black,the last thing I remember was seeing Balto hiding.