rihanna Which lipstick swatch from Rihanna's Mattemoiselle collection do tu like best?

Pick one:
Ma'Damn (Royal Red)
Spanked (Dusty Rose)
dulces Venom (Electric Pink)
Saw-C (Exotic Tangerine)
Up 2 No Good (Nude Peach)
S1ngle (Blushing Nude)
Freckle Fiesta (Spiced Terracotta)
Shawty (Warm Chestnut)
PMS (Moody Brown)
Midnight Wasabi (Wicked Green)
Ya Dig?! (Periwinkle Blue)
Clapback (True Navy)
One of the Boyz (Wild Lilac)
Griselda (Bold Burgundy)
 OneRedonkChick posted hace más de un año
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